Happy New Year Beasts! 


Happy New Year! New Years has, admittedly, never been my favorite holiday. I’m not one for making a bunch of resolutions and God knows these day Jack and rarely stay up late anymore. LOL! However, as I’ve gotten older, as Jack has grown I’ve learned to appreciate that ‘fresh start’ feeling that comes on January 1st. I think one of the most exciting parts of the New Year is that it feels a bit like a blank canvas. I love anticipating what’s to come, the milestones I will cross and the adventures I will have with Jack. But with that anticipation also comes some anxiety, because I know enough to know that the blank canvas won’t be filled with just happy memories. I’m learning life is a mixed bag. Joy and sorrow seem to intermingle – they aren’t as mutually exclusive as I once believed. Some parts of puppy parenthood get easier, while other aspects grow into challenges. Jack is now four years old and with that maturity comes an new lifestyle approach. I know I need to start taking his diet and exercise regime a little more serious. He needs tp start taking supplements to keep his bones strong an coat healthy. I also know that going into the new year I need to be more conscious of how rough I play with him at the beach and not too run it him too hard beyond his means. I need to keep this athletic beast healthy and not tire him about before the “race is over”. I also want to make a habit of enrolling us in more pet friendly activities like 5k’s and afternoon events. One more aspect of puppy parenting I especially hope to tackle is understanding that Jack is no longer and puppy and it’s okay to leave him home for a couple hours or hire a sitter to spend extended time with him in the afternoons or evening with him. A few years ago, when I started this blog, I set out to create a platform where I could engage and archive with my fellow puppy parents and get advice on local puppy friendly event and lifestyle accommodations. Now that Jack is older, while I am certain any extended time away from him here and there will give me anxiety, I know it’s good for both of us. Jack and I don’t need to be together 24/7 and it’s healthy for us to take time apart every other day. This is not to say I have plans to leave him behind all the time because that is no way to kick off the new year at by means. This, just means that I need to understand he’s older now and he can be alone for longer periods of time without me have to worry so much. Back in 2013 when I first launched BarkingBeast.com I published an article titled Separation Anxiety I have from my dog Jack. It got a lot of interesting responses from the community of people who related to the issue. It’s funny to looking back at the article with hopes that I have grown and become less of a needy parents than I was back then. It will be interesting to see how Jack and I grow together in our fourth year now that he’s a full blown man in dog years.

So, to 2017 Jack! … Let’s do thisssss!

Are you a resolution maker? If so, what is your resolution? I actually did make a few more this year, but I think I’ll share those in another blog post. One is for Jack and I to eat more clean…because everyone else is doing it, so why not?!


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