Perfect Swimming Conditions at Dog Beach. Del Mar, Ca.

Today was a perfect day for swimming at Del Mar Dog Beach with Jack ( my male one yr. old lab retriever mix ) and my bf’s dog Cali ( female 2 yr old blue nose bull pit bull )

It was hot and humid today ( mid 80’s ) which made for warm waters. Along with that came a strong tide. The water was so clear, people came to snorkel.

If you live in the San Diego area and own a dog who loves the beach I highly encourage you to visit this beach it’s one of the best dog beaches hands down in Southern California! Because we live only 10 minutes away from this beach, Jack and I come here pretty much everyday. So you will likely see us here sooner than later!

Del Mar Dog beach is located off Camino del Mar across from the Del Mar race track in Del Mar, CA 92014. To avoid paying for parking I encourage you to park on the south side of the bridge. After that you can play on the south side of the ocean swell or walk over the bridge to the north side where you will find more dogs to play with. To swim in steeper waters, like as in the photo I posted above – walk onto the beach on the south side then walk ( duck ) under the bridge, you will soon see the lagoon filled with water ready for a swim. *Be careful for life guards, they tend to enforce no dogs allowed on that side of the bride. I say suite yourself 🙂 Have fun!

– Tania & Jack


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