Celebrities and their Dogs

President Obama and his dog Bo
Today is National Dog Day! So while I’m sure you’re out and about celebrating with your pups, be sure to take a snap shot and share on our Barking Beast Facebook wall how what you did for your pooch today to his or her day extra special. HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY — BELOW SEE THE STARS WHO LOVE THEIR DOGS!

Matthew McConaughey and his dog Miss Hud
Manny- Pacquiao and his dog Pacman

cRyan Gosling had his dog, George, in his arms at LAX
Victotria Secret model and her dog Miranda Kerr’s Frankie
Edward Norton and his Dog Sadey
Big Ben Rothlisberger and his dog Bentley
Jessica Biel and her dog Wilfred
David Beckham and his dog Ollie
Novak Djokovic and his dog Pierre

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