October 27th: National Pit Bull Awareness Day

About a year ago marks the anniversary we met a dog that would forever change our perception of stereotypes against dogs for the better. In 2011 we met Cali – a 2 yr old blue nose female pit bull full of life sure to give a kiss to give to everyone and anyone in her presence. It was hard to believe that a dog with so much love, could be also classified as on of the most threatening breeds in the world.

As dog lovers, we don’t like to think of ourselves as one’s who hold prejudice against any dog breed, as we truly believe the owner controls the dogs destiny- however with the threatening reputation for pit bulls on the rise, one can truly understand the enormous heart these animals hold through personal experience.

Like any breed, Cali had her imperfections. For one she didn’t like small dogs ( any dog roughly under 15lbs )- this we learned was a result of her being antagonize by small dogs at a young age when she was a pup. One would think after all those years being around small breeds when she was a puppy, Cali would have grown fond of small dogs by adulthood- not necessarily.

What people need to recognize about pit bulls, like any dog, is their temperament. Cali has a small temperament against small dogs- therefore she should avoid being around them. HOWEVER -just because she does not like small dogs does not mean she can’t be trained to be around them. Expert trainers like San Diego’s Specialty Dog Trainer Graham Bloem can’t emphasize enough, always understand and observe the social situations the dog has patience for and the ones where they don’t. Any dog with the right training can be broken of it’s impairments, especially the pit bull because of its loyalty and eagerness to please it’s master.

Cali a pit whom has low patience for small dogs and animals in general ( squirrels, birds, etc ) today somehow has manages to openly share her breakfast with a 2 pound lion head bunny rabbit Junior we recently adopted.What was once thought to be impossible is now an everyday reality for the Pitt.  Cali is not only is now extremely patient to the bunny, she shows affectionate to him as well. This alone, challenged the stereotypes built against Cali, showing true evidence that any dog can overcome any obstacle with patience and time.

Cali’s bility to look past her issue with small dog ( and animals and general ) continues to grow stronger everyday. She’s an amazing dog who loves people- adults, kids, and has no problem showing it. Yet like many pits in the world are often judged by what one can only assume is her physical appearance. It’s not until a dog like Cali enters your daily life that one truly understood the how wrong people can be about stereotypes against Pittbuls.

Anit-pitbull activists, people like Michael Vick ( a celebrity who got caught up in an inhumane lifestyle ) and organizations like DogsBite.org, are becoming the pitbull bullying publications who continue to catalyze the bad rap of these breeds- putting innocent dogs at the mercy of their inaccurate breed stereotype.

Pitt bulls have always been encouraged to be aggressive due to their body shape, pain tolerance and strength however this is what makes them the perfect guard dog and life time companion. They are loving and protective of their owner and family.

To say that one particular breed is more of liable than another is highly ignorant. People need to know is it’s no the breed of the dog it’s the temperament.  If you don’t know a Pit Bull, go to your local shelter and you’re guaranteed to meet one. Approximately one million Pit Bulls are euthanized in shelters every year, many of them innocent- only being put down because of a lousy rumor threatening their kind. That doesn’t even count the dogs who are abused and discarded by fighting rings which are often more than not, pit bulls. Whoever said ignorance is bliss is dead wrong.

With that saidOctober 27th, 2012 is National Pit Bull Awareness Day. A day of appreciation and education designed to change perceptions and stereotypes about pit bulls and their responsible owners. Established to educate and foster positive communications and experiences in the communities in which we and our dogs live, and it is an initiative dedicated to restoring the image of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

To anyone who shares their life with a “pit bull,” like we do with Cali, should by now know- the need for a national day of awareness for these misunderstood dogs is clear.  Constant negative media attention and sensationalized hype that surrounds pit bulls has the breed in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.  The media and public have stereotyped and judged an entire group of dogs, as well as their owners, based on the actions of a few. When we think of pits and second chances, there is always an extraordinary individual who made it possible, who saw past the stereotypes and made a difference.

Please join Barking Beast in helping celebrating National Pit Bull Awareness Day not just October 27th but everyday of the year. 

For more information on how you can make a difference or a donation to help save a pit bull here in San Diego- please vista our friends at Pit Bull Rescue of San Diego and be sure to follow them on Facebook at Pit Bull Rescue San Diego  CA – Non-Profit

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