Launch of DOGTV, the first television channel designed for your canine campanion

Dog Cox Launch Flyer

Cats, be jealous!  After a year long trial of DOGTV in San Diego, CA we had so much interest and demand for the product that today we are thrilled to announce that DOGTV has launched to on Cox in California! DOGTV is now available to all Cox subscribers in Orange County, Santa Barbara, Palos Verdes and San Diego through OnDEMAND, Channel 1. If you’re a Cox subscriber in California, we’d like to invite you to experience DOGTV, The First TV Channel for Dogs!

DOGTV programming is scientifically developed for dogs as the primary viewer, with content designed for a dog’s visual, auditory and emotional needs. A FREE PREVIEW will run through February 17, 2013 on Cox On Demand, Channel 1. After February 18, 2013 the monthly subscription fee will be $4.99 a month.  Just visit any Cox Solutions Store or call (In San Diego) 877-247-9514 (outside San Diego) 888-207-6311.

For more info about DOGTV, please visit www.dogtv.comBe a GOOD HUMAN, Leave a Little Love On For Your Best Friend!

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