Homeless man’s life saved by his dog

Buddy homeless
A homeless man in Washington State who suffered a medical emergency has his dog to thank for saving his life. Isolated in his remote camp, unable to move, without a phone, and no one nearby, Buddy, the homeless man’s Australian shepherd mix, was the homeless man’s only chance for survival.

According to a KIRO 7 Eyewitness video news report on Feb. 8, 2013, the homeless man “was afraid he was going to die.”

The homeless man’s medication was not working and he knew that without a doctor and medical treatment he would die in the remote wooded area without anyone even knowing.

In his desperate attempt for survival, the homeless man attached a note to his dog’s harness.

The homeless man’s desperate message that was scribbled in big letters on a white piece of paper said, “Help. Send help. No joke, cannot walk. Medicine not working. Need doctor.”

After attaching the note to his dog, the homeless man had nothing left but to put his life into his trusted canine friend.

Buddy seemed to understand that he was his owner’s only hope and took off until he came across a woman who was walking along some tracks. She discovered the note.

The woman called 911 and showed the police the note with the homeless man’s desperate plea for help. Since the note was not signed nor had any information as to where the writer of the note could be found, police searched the woods in an area that was said to be the home of a homeless man and his dog.

After police officers found the homeless man, he was taken to a hospital where he was treated.

While the medical condition of the homeless man is unknown, KIRO 7 reports that besides Buddy, friends are looking after the homeless man.

After his release, the homeless man and his life-saving canine friend returned to the woods. A friend told KIRO 7 that the homeless man did not want to be interviewed or get a lot of attention. He just wanted to be left alone; — with his dog Buddy.

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