Happy Easter: Keep the chocolate eggs away from the Pups!


Last night, after a long day of hiking blossoming trails and swimming the beautiful Pacific, Jacks plans were to stay home with my bunny rabbit Junior ( whom he’s grown really close with). Meanwhile my girl friends Devin and Jennifer accompanied me to a Black Tie Easter Ball that’s put on every year, which I was beyond excited about…

Easter Galaeastergala

Earlier yesterday I bought Jack a dog treats ‘Easter Basket’ from Pet-smart filled with peanut butter dog deserts. I also bought myself a easter basket of goodies from Walmart filled with peanut butter reeses, marshmallow peeps and chocolate Cadbury eggs. On the car ride home Jack and I were happy as two pea’s in a bod, both snacking on our Easter Candy.

dog basket

When we arrived home, it was time for me to get ready for the Easter Ball. So excited about the evenings event, I forgot to hide my chocolate Cadbury eggs. When Jack wasn’t by my side when I was blow drying my hair for the night; it made me wonder that he must be up to something downstairs… and he was…

I walked downstairs, just in time, to find that he somehow made it onto the counter top and devoured all his easter basket dog deserts!!! It made me wonder what would have happened if I was just a few minutes late!? Would he have got to my Cadbury eggs? This could have been extremely severe… luckily ( thank you JC ) he did not touch a single chocolate egg, phew..

Before I left for my night to the Easter Ball, I made sure to securely store all chocolate covered eggs as if they were medicine. The effects of dogs easting chocolate ( as I’m sure you should all know ) is extremely dangerous and can lead to fits, kidney failure or even death.

That being said – when you go out today for whatever type Easter Festivity you and your pup have planned, be sure to keep all chocolate or theobromine related goodies out of doggy’s reach. Theobromine is the chemical in chocolate which dogs are extremely allergic too that can be fatal. 


Be especially careful if you and your dog of you plan on attending any Family Easter party which will host a children’s Easter Egg hunt. These gatherings are most venerable to exposing dogs to theobromine related goods ( chocolate covered easter eggs ).

Jack and I don’t plan on attending any Easter Eggs hunts today, just another walk on the trails or a swim at the beach. Later this evening we will be going to my parents house who make a mean Easter Ham; this is feast Jack will most certainly take place in being a part of… if you’re like me, and can’t resist giving your dog a Easter treat, make sure it is something pet-friendly, suitable and safe like Ham, they love ham! ( a dog toy or walk in the park is a more healthy alternative )

Easter is a wonderful holiday to bring the family, kids, and dogs together especially because it’s very “outdoorsy” inspired. Here in San Diego the weather is perfect for Easter Egg Hunts, the kids and the dogs love it. Just be sure to keep the chocolate eggs away from the pups; Easter can be a dogs worst nightmare!

From now on, any chocolate in my house will be locked safely away out of Jack’s reach! Have a safe and happy Easter pups!

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