Compassion and Interaction between Veterinarian and Dog

I have been lucky to know some really warm and professional vets to care for my dog Jacks health. However, the other day Jack and I had to make a trip to the Vet, he was overdue for a Bordatella shot. The visit was anything but warm and professional. Our primary Vet was completely booked for the day, so we decided to make a stop into an random office we hadn’t been to yet who had open availability …  however for a simple Bordatella shot, the visit at this particular practice could not have been more frustrating.

It all started off bad from the start. First I was greeted by the tech/secretary yelling out the door telling me I parked in the wrong parking lot. I didn’t move my car because my dog and I were already outside the car. I walked in the door and she continued to be rude by saying “didn’t you hear what I said our parking lot is over there.” Then she continued by getting us into a room and slamming the door closed after giving me a form to fill out. She came back in and took it back from me and slammed the door again. But it wasn’t the receptionist that got to me, it was the Vet’s who’s cold and distant demeanor made us question the value of a quality loving veterinarian.

Like any new Veterinarian you visit for the first time, the practice will often offer a complimentary physical exam for the pet. However this physical exam could not have been more awkward and rude. First off, the Vet a man in his early 40’s from what it appeared, was not the most affectionate to Jack. He was very distant to him even when Jack was clearly being affectionate to him. Jack loves meeting new people, especially veterinarians. The doctor attempted to get Jack to sit and at one point started pushing his body down. After two failed attempts of getting him to sit he said to me” Can you get this guy to stay put?” Once Jack sat down the doctor was as serious as a hear attack. I was wondering “Who died?”  From what it looked like, this vet was not an avid animal lover which they mostly are …  instead of inspecting Jack with warmth and affection he was cold and at one point looked in his eyes with a flashlight as if Jack was a prison inmate ( and he was the warden ). I could tell even Jack felt uncomfortable. It was clear either this Vet was having a bad day or based on his interaction with Jack occasionally lacked compassion on the job.

Now I know that Vet’s often have to see between 20-50 people a day and they have to deal with so many people who are, to put it bluntly, rather clueless, so I see how their patience can definitely be tested throughout the day. However that day, I would have been fine just being on our way after the Bordatella shot. The only reason we took them up on the physical was because I thought it would be a nice experience for Jack.

Needless to say, it’s common knowledge in the pet industry, just like in any other industry that we tend to be judged not just on our professional, educational and business expertise but also on our reputation and compassion for the field. This is certainly common in the veterinarian industry. As dog owners I’m sure you can all relate when it comes to choosing your vet not only based on professionalism but their ability to show affection to your pet.

I’m not one to drop names, you can go to for a bad review on a particular business. I just want to point out the significance of the compassion and interaction between your veterinarian and your dog. If you have a vet whom you truly appreacite, let them know on your next visit.

Jack and I personally have a few veterinarians in the North County San Diego area who we are proud to recommend. They all showcase the greatest combination of compassion with medical and surgical expertise and who aren’t after all your money.  They frequently receive compliments in the community centered on their compassion and the interaction they have with clients and patients. It’s too bad doctor douche bag is so far from this … If you’re looking for a new Veterinarian in San Diego, check out our favorites :

Dr. Steve Mira at Animal and Bird Hospital of Del Mar: The practice was recently purchased by Dr. Steve Mira and Dr. Layne Havens. If you’re looking for a vet in San Diego county, you won’t find more caring, talented, and wonderful people than at Animal and Bird Hospital. Dr. Mira is very knowledgeable and I trust that he will always put your dogs best interest above all else which should give you a great peace of mind. He is always compassionate and professional. The technicians and receptionists are thorough and professional and extremely kind.  I can’t recommend them highly enough. They also have a gorgeous bird sanctuary open to the public which is nice to check out after your visit!

Dr. Rani Reuter at Canyon Creek Animal Hospital – Carlsbad, CA – Home in Carlsbad, Ca.She is one of the most sensitive, intelligent and caring doctors/ people you could want to care and diagnose your dog.  My dog Jack absolutely love her! She and her staff are incredibly friendly and do a fantastic job at explaining everything very clear, and not trying to confuse you and sell you whatever, not overpricing, and not recommending unnecessary services.

Dr. Tracy Mendlen at Carlsbad Veterinary Hospital. in Carlsbad, Ca. After patiently diagnosing Jack’s knee complications which later led to the referral of Dr. Gahns at Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Marcos, Dr. Mendlen not only did a great job at expelling the diagnoses but she also insisted on a complimentary second opinion to re-assure me she soley had Jacks happiness and health at best interest. Dr. Mendlin is beyond compassionate about eve animals that comes through her door and her staff is exceptionally friendly. Hands down she is probably one of the best Doctors Jack and I have ever met.

We are very lucky to have these amazing and compassionate Veterinarians available to us in San Diego.

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