Samuel Price, Creator of “My Dog Collage” Knows Dog Art


When it comes to the creative arts of the canine we at Barking Beast feel like we have seen it all – from photography, to portrait painting, to sculptures, and fashion, there is always a new way to express our love for our pets through art.

Recently however, Barking Beast came across an incredibly beautiful and unique form of art that embraces the love for dogs with every piece laid to the canvas. Samuel Price, creator of My Dog Collage is a prolific artist who for ten years has been creating unique dog collages and manipulating colors and shapes into patterns with his hands to tailor the custom intricate details of the dogs portraits he assembles. Each collage portrait is created by hand and contains hundreds of small magazine squares. Every piece of paper is picked to create a truly unique piece of art to honor our loving canines.

An artist his entire life, Price has always believed in the use of accessible materials as part of the instinctive process of creating art. At a young age he could not afford to buy paints – which inspired his idea to turn to cutting up and gluing the magazines and newspapers lying around in his studio to art and he was immediately pleased with the results.


“I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to share my passion for dog art with the world. I never imagined that my career would have taken me in the direction that it has, but I have learned so much by studying animals and have aligned my career in a very intuitive manner to combine my personal interests and pursue my dreams.”                    – Samuel Price

sam p 7samp8

So while you may come across many unique ways to express passion for your dog through artistic media, none compare to the detail put into Prices amazing dog collages. Each piece is created custom and one of a kind to honor the dogs personality with love, detail, and a displacement of colors that cannot be captured through a portrait dog painting or photograph.

To learn more about Samual Price and his spectacular art visit his site Samuel Price My Dog Collage and order a gorgeous collage of your lovable pup today! Woof!


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