Dogscapes: San Diego’s Premiere Pet Photographers


Ahh .. dogs ❤

Who wouldn’t want a million pictures of their big lug? After all they are our best pals. While the pictures we take are great, they do not always capture exactly what we were looking for. It is good to know that San Diego is home to one of the most talented pet photography companies in the industry, Dogscapes.

Dogscapes is a father-daughter photography team based in the beach area of San Diego, dog capital of Southern California!  Craig Jones  started Dogscapes in 2007 and in 2013 his daughter Sara joined the team.

The duo believe the key to capturing the best photograph of your pet is to do so in their natural environment – and their work speaks volumes.

Each photograph not only captures the true personality and essence of your dog’s particular disposition, but the quality of the photographs from color, vibrancy, texture and dimension come together fantastically with each shot taken.


Jones has been a photographer since he was kid, developing film and printing pictures in his fathers garage darkroom.  His daughter Sara saw him doing that as a child, and naturally she picked up the talent too. Over his career Craig has photographed landscapes, seascapes, people, sports, architecture, but only started photographing dogs about 6 years ago.

“We were living near Grape Street Dog Park at the time and I began taking pictures of dogs there just for fun.  I enjoyed the dogs so much and loved the images I was getting so Dogscapes was born!  There weren’t a lot of people photographing dogs professionally at that time but it’s a specialty that’s grown over the last few years.  I think we’ve been inspired by people portrait artists and even wedding photographers who have a journalistic style as opposed to the more traditional studio posed style.  It’s more fun and it’s captures life in a more realistic way.  Every shoot is different and we never know exactly how it’s going to unfold.  And that’s what keeps it interesting! ” – Craig Jones

Dogscapes favorite places to photograph are Coronado Dog Beach, Del Mar Dog Beach, Balboa Park, Sunset Cliffs, urban settings, and of course a client’s home. They capture a dog’s true personality by being with them in a comfortable environment and giving them a chance to get comfortable with them, and the camera.  Some dogs request the duo to give dogs more space, in that case they use a longer lens to capture the shot.  Some dogs like the camera up close and personal so they need a wider lens. They work low, down at a dog’s eye level.  It’s a relationship they Craig and Sara build with the dog in a short amount of time encouraging the dog to act naturally.  Their patience and natural ability to make dogs feel comfortable around them is the key to the success of their photographs.

Dogscapes photographs are truly compelling. They are unique pieces of art from each photograph different to the next. If you are looking to have your lovable canine photographed and captured happily in their natural environment we highly encourage you contact Dogscapes for a consultation. Their rates are incredibly affordable and their rare talent is a skill set unlike any other pet photographer in the industry.

These lovable furry beasts make our lives so full of fun and fur. Where would we be without them? They are so dear to our hearts, yet only with us a short amount of time. Call to set up your Dogscapes appointment and celebrate life and memories made between you and your furry beast today.

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  1. Dogscapes photographed our dogs and the work is amazing – they are so talented and I can’t recommend them highly enough! Now that our Mastiff has passed, it’s so nice to have such quality photos of her.

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