Petco Foundation HOPE GALA – a look back at 2013


Last year the Petco Foundation Annual HOPE Gala raised $40,205 toward rescue shelters in need during just the auction part alone… – And for 2014 President of the Petco Foundation Charlie Piscitello and his heroic team plan do out do themselves once again!

The prestigious event put on by the Petco Foundation annualy tp help benefit homeless animals goes from $150 – $300 a person. I was beyond thrilled when they reached out to me on behalf of my dog blog Barking Beast San Diego at offered me a seat.  At the risk of showing my cheesy side and quoting Austin Powers it must be said:  “GROOOOOVY BABY!” I even got to add a plus one, so I brought one of my biggest Barking Beast supporters from day one, my sister from another mister Devin … and of Jack’s biggest fans. Devin like myself, has always loved animals, especially dogs and horses. As a practicing equestrian, Devin also woks with many Horse Rescue Associations, something we can all appreciate.

Last year, the Petco Foundation HOPE Award, went to Ms. Lily Tomlin one of America’s foremost comediennes and a lifelong advocate for animals. I’ve always been a fan of her so I was thrilled to see her accept this well deserved award. She gave a phenomenal speech and her sense of humor was awesome a natural comedian she really had the entire ballroom laughing hard… never a dull moment 🙂 All proceeds from this year’s Gala will benefit Actors and Others for Animals : Non-Profit Corporation and the Performing Animal Welfare Society. Both organizations are near to Lily’s heart, and are committed to caring for animals in need and enhancing the human-animal bond. Each year, the Petco Foundation gala recognizes one or more people or groups who share the foundation’s mission to improve the quality of life for animals and the people who love and need them. In any event this Gala was everything imagined and way more!

Held at the Hilton Bay Front in San Diego the award show was glamourous from beginning to end. At check in they give you to me what I appeared to me as a free iPod — but I later realized it was very high tech savvy way to place bids for the event haha .. Every item up for auction made incredible bid. The food was delicious. The live music was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  The eloquent wine  by Cupcake Vineyards ) was bottomless … hey that’s my kind of party! 

It must be mentioned the live band was  amazing. The Heroes, known as San Diego’s Number One Wedding and Events Band I think is an understatement— Im not one who’s ever been crazy about live bands but when I heard this group I could not get off the dance floor. In fact even when they slowed it down to a modern version of “Unchained Melody” Devin and I slow danced together. She likes to call it ” the saddest girls to ever slow dance” haha … I like to call it a night to remember. 

Im honored to have be recognized for my work in the dog community and to have been given the opportunity to be invited to such an event. The success of my blog is owed to my ever growing and supportive fan base who’m I hope to continue to inspire, entertain, and inform with every post I publish about dogs and the beautiful life they embrace for us humans.

Congratulations Petco Foundation and BIG THANKS for everything you do for pets! For 2014 The Petco Foundation will be honoring Academy Award winner and huge animal advocate Hilary Swank. Swank is the founder if the Hilaroo Foundation which rescues animals who have been abused emotionally and physically in getting the care and finding forever homes.

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