10th Annual Cardiff Dog Days of Summer Saturday August 8th!


Yippie! That time of year when the local pet communities get together for Cardiff -By- the -Sea’s Dog Days of Summer!  It only happens once a year and there’s no doubt about it Cardiff Dog Days of Summer is best pet party of the year! As Barking Beast did at last years event,  we will make it our honest effort to put out some puppy pools where Fido can cool off during the hot summer dog day!!!  These pools can be found out front the Milberg and DePhillips Attorneys at Law building located on the main- south end strip of the fair on Manchester Avenue!  So if you see your dog over heating just B-line in towards the Barking Beast puppy pools! 

DogDaysCardiffDogDaysCardiff1Come enjoy bonding with your pup, and take part in the paw-some festivities an huge pet event like Cardiff Dog Days has to offer! There will be all kinds of cool vendors and products to discover who give away generous goodie bags!  Entertaining dog contests while be held thought the day, and all of San Diego’s animal rescues have bring the most amazing dogs available adoption, so who knows you may even meet your new best friend and furry family member this weekend!

When we aren’t checking out local vendors, we’re eating it up Besta – Wan one of our favorite dog friendly restaurants in all of San Diego which is conveniently located in the center right of the Dog Days of Summer strip. Saturday will be a scorcher so be sure that your dog is getting lots of water and staying hydrated inside and out.


Dog Days of Summer is where the party is at this weekend!  The event celebrates Fido so brace yourself because there will be lots of dogs at Saturday’s event!  We hope to see you there and be sure to stop by and say hi to your friends at the San Diego Pets Magazine booth and your friends from Barking Beast located on New Castle drive at booth 338! Woof! 




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