Fetchlight Photography: Fetching the Essence of Pet Photography


When it comes to recognizing the beauty in animals, nothing fascinates me more than people who display their love for our furry friends as artists of the pet world. While many of us consider ourselves to be our pet’s best personal paparazzi, there’s nothing like having a professional get the job done and snap the shot we just can’t seem to capture… And to capture that moment, a particular San Diego photographer comes to mind, Jen Bergren. Creator of Fetchlight Pet Lifestyle Photography San Diego. 

At 6’2″ and beautiful, sometimes I feel the girl should look into investing more time in front of the lens instead, LOL! Tall and gorgeous both inside and out, her love for animals is easily seen through her incredible photographs. She must be channeling her beauty through her camera because her photos come out just a spectacular as she ….


Bergren, originally from Illinois moved to San Diego without having never lived here before. She also had never owned or worked with dogs prior to her move to Dog City USA, so one can imagine what a treat she was in for as a new profession and that of a new pup would soon embark upon her life!

Establishing herself as a pet photographer early on, she earned her certification as a photographer from UCSD while also working as an advertising graphic designer at Petco’s corporate office. After combining both interests she started photographing pets for Petco! Eventually she left Petco to start her own photography company Fetchlight.com while focusing on her other career as a designer and art director for a magazine in the hotel restaurant industry. Both her businesses have been a huge success! Her incredible talent as a pet photographer is influenced by her photography tactics in harnessing a scene and enviroment of which the pet feels most comfortable.

With a job that allows her to work from home, Bergen’s favorite part of the profession is having more time to spend with her goofy orange foxy dog Tawny, who she adopted from the AUSSIE RESCUE in 2011.


The inspiration behind Fetchlights orange dog shaped logo came from that of Tawny. The ginger rescue went through a dozen foster homes and health obstacles long before Jen adopted her after falling in love with her at first sight. Today Jen has found a permanent home in San Diego while Tawny has found her permanent home with Jen. Living a life of jumping, playing, smiling and dressing up, Tawny lives as a happy puppy while making the perfect model for Jen who sharpens her craft as a pet photographer with every picture she takes of her goofy orange dog.

You can often find Jen and Tawny walking around San Diego in Little Italy, Downtown, Banker’s Hill or Balboa Park. If you ever see them do not hesitate to bark, Tawny would love to meet you! As for the lovely photographer herself, she is the epitome of guest starring at dog friendly events – I don’t think she ever misses an opportunity to show off her amazing shots! Check out this spectacular shot she got of my boy Jack ( who looks a lot like her Tawny ) for her Fetchlight Photography Petco Park stair project:


If you want to learn more about Jen Berger and Fetchlight photography visit her website Fetchlight Pet Lifestyle Photography San Diego and be sure to LIKE her page on Facebook, Fetchlight: Pet Lifestyle Photography | Facebook.

Jen’s photographs truly capture the essence of a dogs disposition unlike any pet photographer in town! Book a shoot with Fetchlight Pet Photography today! 




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