The 28th Annual Spring Fling Gala Saturday, June 4th 2016

spring fling.jpg

The Helen Woodward Annual Spring Fling Gala takes place this weekend and I’m over the moon excited!  One of the coolest things about San Diego is it is filled with amazing fundraisers all year long and the Spring Fling is definitely one of my favorites! This years Helen Woodward Gala theme is “There’s No Place like Home”… and when it comes to helping shelter pets find homes, Helen Woodward Animal Center is one of the Southern California’s greatest playmakers in getting that done. For over 20 years Helen Woodward and their forever hardworking and compassionate staff continue to be at the forefront of search and rescue in the health and well being of all animals within the Southern California rescue community. This particular gala, now it it’s 28th year, is one Helen Woodward should really pride themselves considering how much success has come from it in helping benefit animal welfare. Between the live music and entertainment, the dancing, cuisine and drinks, along with the amazing auction items there isn’t a shortage of things to enjoy at this event and all the money raised goes to the outstanding projects Helen Woodward creates in the rescuing of animals from terrible living conditions, rehabilitating them and finding them forever homes. What makes this event so special is it gives animal lovers the opportunity to meet public figures and executives who are moving mountains in the fight against animal cruelty. Having been a guest of the Spring Fling Gala for many years now I can honestly say it’s one of the most rewarding feelings being a part of the Helen Woodward rescue community and I hope many more will attend this event because being able to meet and speak with the people who are in the business of saving lives is truly inspiring. The Helen Woodward Spring Fling Gala is a one of a kind so we hope to see you there this Saturday June 2nd at 530 in the Emerald City Fairbanks Village Plaza! The address is 16236 San Dieguito Road. Rnachos Sante Fe, Ca 92067.

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Special thanks to Mike Arms the CEO and President of Helen Woodward Animal Center and their Director of Public Relations Jessica Gryke. Also thank you to the Sping Fling Committee for putting this years Spring Fling Gala together: Victoria Brown, Denise Clark, Tiscilia Culver, Tresa Dalton, Kareen Dee, Walden Daas, Joel Garlejo, Charlene Hooker, Mark Karla, Laurie Mrinman, Donna Ohman, Crystal Olson, Stacy Regsha, Lori Rosano and Richard Scheper.


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