Veterans Day: Celebrating Canine Military and Police Officers! 


To celebrate Veternas Day, I wanted to take time to talk about military and police dog appreciation. Did you know that every military working dog is a non-commisioned officer- some rank higher than their handler? and in 2000, Congress passed a bill so that military dogs can be adopted by their handlers! Also did you know police dogs know over 70 different commands before they two years of age on the force?  Check out my most recent story with the San Diego Police Canine Department for FOX Sports San Diego’s show SDLive! 

On this blog I highlight stories on all kinds of talented canines and inspirational stories making headline in our pet community. Bur nothing fascinates me more than the talent and services of military and police working dogs. Personally, I pride myself in how far I’ve come as a “handler, or a pack leader”. A stare down between Jack and I three years ago had no meaning.. today it speaks lengths of how far our communication has progressed over the years. There at times when I won’t even have to say a word to Jack, just one look and he knows what I’m thinking and what I expect of him in that moment.

Today my boy is a grown man and he sure turned out to be one very intelligent dog. Sometimes I wonder if Jack had it in him to be a military or police dog? Hey don’t all parents wonder if their dog could’ve made it to the big leagues? I admire and always make it a goal to show my appreciation to the military and police dogs that serve our community and country everyday. Over the past year I have spent time in and out of the Camp Pendleton Military Canine Unit and the San Diego Police Canines Unit covering exclusive stories for FOX Sports San Diego’s show SDLive, in hopes of better understanding the world these dogs are brought into as puppies and the adversity they overcome into becoming canines officers. At as young as 3 months these canines are paired up with a handler and vastly begin a strict training regimen to help them prepare for journey ahead. Every year nearly 300 dogs are recruited for training with units across the nation but less 100 will go onto becoming a military or police canine.

When a canine officially becomes the military or police official, the work they do is invaluable. Everyday these dogs step to the forefront into dangerous situations that could end their lives in that moment. Their loyalty to serve and protect proceeds their ability to forgive. It amazes me that through all the stress involved in their daily lives, they still manage to compose themselves in such respectable ways. One minute they’re calm and collected on base or at the station and the next they could be running full speed at a criminal firing a loaded weapon at them, essentially trying to kill them. Their worlds often go from zero to one-eighty so fast, and it continues to amaze me on how civilized and composed they manage to maintain after the drama. I order for these canines to get the training they need to serve and protect, they need the appropriate amount of funding. At Camp Pendleton, The Petco Foundation is a proud sponsor of helping grant food and lifestyle supplies for the military canines on base, while The San Diego Police Foundation helps back training programs needed for the San Diego Police Canine Unit. While both facilities are very fortunate to have the support of non-profit rescue groups, donations from the community are always greatly appreciated.

I want to take this moment to thank all the great military and police canines who have served and are still serving this great nation!  Stay tuned for my latest story with the San Diego Police Canine Unit airing soon after the Padres on FOX Sports San Diego lifestyle show, SDLive!


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