Stand Up Paddle Board with SUP Pup San Diego!


In light of summer I decided to take up Stand Up Paddle Board lessons with Jack. We’ve taken up a lot of recreational activities over the years, but Stand Up Paddle Boarding was yet to be crossed off our bucket list. We have never been on a paddle board before so as excited as we were about the new sport, we were also a little nervous. Over the years I’ve admired the athlete in Jack and his ability to learn fast,  but Stand Up Paddle Boarding was something I always believed would be extra tough for the long legged mutt with terrible balance.

It took us over a good dozen times of attempting to simultaneously get on board together and stand up until we final got the swing of things. There was definitely no shortage of bloopers and failed attempts to playback, as the FOX Sports San Diego camera crew was there catching all the fun for SDLive! Fortunately we had an amazing teacher Samantha Lee, a beautiful blond young woman who founded SUP Pups San Diego, and made the experience lot’s of fun. She was very present every step of the way in learning how to control the board while also keeping the canine calm. I think that was why the adventure was a success because Samantha was a great teacher!

I met Samantha Lee at the very pet friendly restaurant Rock Bottom in La Jolla a few weeks ago when I was stopped in for lunch with Jack meanwhile she was coincidently setting up a Yappy Hour on behalf of her non-profit organization Pints and Paws Events, a group that hosts pet friendly happy hours to help benefit animal welfare in the community. I later learned her cute Shepard-mix who was also present was named Jack too. Instantly Lee and I hit it off and I knew I wanted to connect with her after learning about her company SUP Pups San Diego and the pet friendly happy hour parties she hosts. Besides being our dogs are both goofy boys with the same name, Lee and I have a lot in common because we are both authentic about our love for dogs. Over the years I’ve seen all kinds of people some who aren’t even animal lovers create businesses in the pet lifestyle industry for different reasons. You can imagine my enthusiasm over Lee and her companies when it’s clear she genuinely loves animals, and sets out to show people how to make the most of a beautiful day in San Diego with their dog wether it’s at the beach or dinning out. She makes a fantastic Stand Up Paddle Board teacher, so it’s no wonder her company SUP Pups San Diego is the highest in demand SUP board teacher in the area. Being how much fun Jack and I both had learning to stand up paddle, I can honestly say this sport is definitely something all dog parents should take up if they enjoy beach activities with their dog and Samantha Lee is the teacher to hire for the job. Stay tuned for the upcoming SDLive Stand Up Paddle Board feature with Samantha Lee. To learn more about Lee, her Pints and Paws Events Yappy Hour calendar, or to schedule a consolation with her Stand Up Paddle Group contact her at or visit her website SUP Pups San Diego and be sure to LIKE her Facebook page SUPPupsPaddleBoarding! 



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