Dirty Dogs: Best Pet Groomers in San Diego Expand


Whether it’s hygiene or grooming, the best place in San Diego for a good dog groom is Dirty Dogs . With comfortable bathing facilities, incredibly hospitable customer service and fun dog friendly decor, Dirty Dogs has turned dog bathing into a fun bonding adventure to enjoy with Fido. If you’ve never been to a Dirty Dogs, you and your dog are missing out. This place is AWESOME!!!

Named Best Pet Groomer in San Diego by Ranch & Coast Magazine, the earth friendly pet store and spa continues to give the pet community want they want – more branches throughout the county.

With boutiques in Cardiff, Carmel Valley and now Carmel Mountain Ranch, the pawesome buisness is in the process of getting ready for the opening of its 4th location in Carlsbad, off Palomar Airport Road! Dirty dogs all over San Diego can now get the luxury spa treatments they deserve at a price that economizes Mom and Dads pocket books!


The convenient do it yourself dog wash has become a customer favorite! You can do the bath yourself for $18, or have the employees at the store do it for $36. They provide you with a raised wash tup, waterproof apron, luxurious warm water, premium natural shampoo and conditioner. Each tub has warm clean towels ready for pup along with high speed professional blow dryers. No reservation needed. Just bring in your dirty dog!

The stores are divided into two sections. One section where the do it yourself dog washing takes place, the other section of the stores are where toys, supplies and food are showcased. Dirty Dogs offers a greet selection of organic pet food, environmentally friendly chews toys, and delicious treats. ( The Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried sliders are my dogs ultimate favorite!) The staff always provides guests with great recommendations on food and deserts to what is most appropriate for your pup when it comes to long-lasting toys for his or her destructive little mouth. Knowing ow to handle all animals with TLC, the Dirty Dogs team truly treat every guest dog as if it was their own.


What makes Dirty Dogs so special is the Btesh family who set out to inspire a unique revolution in the pet industry that had not been tapped into before. Constantly hosting charitable social events and fundraising partnerships to help raise money for local shelters, Dirty Dogs truly represents what it means to give back to their community on a incredibly generous level.


  • Salomon Btesh is a general contractor and business owner. He completed the build out for both locations.
  • Regina Btesh is a talented, innovative interior designer and created the design for both locations.
  • Elias Btesh is a successful business student and lifeguard. He is now general manager for all locations.
  • Nisha Btesh is an exceptional artist, and created beautiful custom wall art, showcased at both locations.
  • Joel Btesh is the brilliant young mind behind the whole operation. Coining the name “Dirty Dogs”, at just 11 years old, his creative play on words sparked the idea to begin our journey.


  • The Dirty Dogs fundraising partnerships are all put together by Riley Brandy head of marketing at Dirty Dogs. He oversees events, and advertising while also making sure Dirty Dogs is helping San Diego communities and providing the best possible support to dogs in need. He coordinates all community involvement and fundraising. If you have an event or fundraiser you would like sponsored by Dirty Dogs shoot him an email at at marketing@dirtydogsd.com.
  • Riley and the Dirty Dogs team should be commended for becoming an influential player in the San Diego pet industry. Since their summer 2008 opening, their continuous efforts in raising money for local rescues shelters in the community has been admirably overwhelming. They host dozens of pet friendly social events annually, as well run very generous promotions to new and returning customers in hopes of raising money for San Diego pets in need.


In September of last year, Dirty Dogs made a generous contribution to the North County dog community by funding the construction of the new Cardiff dog park located on the northwest corner of George Berkick Park at Cardiff Elementary school. Today the 200 feet of new fencing, fresh cut grass, and double gated canine playground is a huge hit among the Cardiff dog community.


Besides helping animals, Dirty Dogs is also a huge supporter of raising money for children’s sports teams, non profit groups, school clubs and social groups by hosting dog washing fundraisers for families and children in the North County communities. Dirty Dogs is the first grooming salon in San Diego to allow clients to host fundraisers in the self serve tubs to benefit dog friendly organizations and local school groups or sports teams.


Barking Beast has also partnered up with Dirty Dogs, sponsoring events such as the Dirty Dogs Halloween Costume Contest and the Chihuahua Fashion Show.


Weather it’s food, treats, toys, bath and grooming Dirty Dogs is your absolute one stop shop for everything dog, all while helping dogs and families in need in the San Diego community.

For more information click on Dirty Dogs. Be sure to LIKE them on Facebook too, Dirty Dogs Facebook.

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