Barking Beast’s Holiday Hit List

CHristmasHappy Holidays! Have you finished Fido’s holiday shopping?

With Christmas just a couple days away, here are some of my favorite Fido friendly gift item local to San Diego pet friendly businesses!

First up, is a fashion statement I think every dog should be able to make because it’s just that cool- a dog tie. And not just any dog tie, ties made by Ruff Ties! These amazing ties are custom designed by Jennifer Parker out of San Diego and come in all shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and fabrics… you can have them custom-made to fit your pup’s personality. My dog Jack loves his Chargers tie and wears it every game day! These ties make a great gift for dogs of all personalities and sizes 🙂

chargertieruffties777ruffties7777ruffties555Next, gift yourself (yes we all deserve to treat ourselves for being dog parents, we have our struggles too) or gift a friend who’s a dog parent with a custom painted portrait of Fido. Our friends at Howland Studios specialize in fine art with an emphasis in painting pets. April Howland, a full-time painter has 20 years plus experience in animal portraits. She specializes in original pieces of painted artwork commissioned from photographs of our forever loving pets. What makes her paintings so unique is she offers styles that range from modern Warhol inspired looks to traditional classic portraits which transcend intricate detail, texture, depth and above all the personality of each dog she paints. These portraits make a truly amazing gift for anyone who is a dog parent!

howlandhowland5Our friends at Pupchips, make Sweet Potato, Apple & Coconut Chips here in the USA just for Fido! Have you tried these chips? Unreal. (Please don’t judge, I’ve eaten a few now and then during Jack’s snack time and they are delicious and healthy.) Pupchips provides a great opportunity to let your dog have a substantial snack that is more appropriate than most treats today. They are natural and organic snacks with just a single ingredient, and the dogs love the taste, texture and crunch! These chips make the perfect gift for Fido when on the road or as pleasant snack between meals.

aaaaapupchipsLeave a little love on for Fido this coming year. Our friends at DOGTV Television for dogs continue to produce stimulating and relaxing programming for Fido since their launch last year. Since then Dog TV has become one of the premiere sources of in-home entertainment for Fido! Dog TV is available on all major cable providers and can be streamed to the television through an internet router. Dog TV makes the perfect gift for Fido to enjoy when you are away from home.

dog-tva dog tvAND Last but most certainly NOT least- is a dog treat that has been a huge hit in my hometown of Cardiff, CA. Our friends at Dirty Dogs – Wash | Earth Friendly Pet Product Store & Spa currently have BahiaBlue Pure Fish Stix on the shelves and the dog community is going nuts for them. Made by local Cardiff people, Pure Fish is wild caught dehydrated Canadian smelt. Simple and wholesome, they are packed with nutrients and dogs LOVE them! Nothing is added and nothing removed (yes, they can eat the heads). They make an incredibly tasteful treat for Fido while also enhancing their coat, skin, fur, eyesight, and strengthening their bones. We highly encourage you to stuff Fido’s stocking with a Bahia Blue Fish Stix bag! Available at Dirty Dogs in Cardiff and Carmel Valley, Ca treat your dog with something truly tasty unlike any treat they’ve had before! YUM!!!



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