DOG TV Simulation

Dog loving entrepreneurs in San Diego have launched s new 24 hour channel for dogs, appropriately called DOGTV. Daily programs include dog’s-eye-perspectives from within a moving car, dogs playing with other dogs, running in the country side, and nap time. All programming is run with the hope of helping dogs lonely at home, from boredom, or developing stress and separation issues problems. The channel was launches in February of 2012 and since then has then has been picked up in 35,000 households in Southern California as daily programming.

Television is going to the dogs in San Diego with DOGTV, a new 24 hour channel for pooches that is meant to keep your dog company while your are gone.

According to the people behind the channel, the combination of devouring programming and pet treats will be ” a confident, happy dogs who’s less likely to develop stress, separation anxiety or other related problems.”

DOGTV, which launched on Cox and Time Warner digital cable systems in San Diego, is intended for dogs that are left at home during the day.

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