Graham Bloem: San Diego’s # 1 Canine Trainer

While many claim to be “professional” dog trainers, not many train dogs full-time. By full-time we mean 40 hours a week. San Diego resident Graham Bloem has 11 years of experience and counting with speciality training dogs. Bloem has developed a good enough reputation as dog trainer strong enough to certify all his trainee’s as service dogs. Just like you would want a plumber or electrician who performed their trade full-time and a dog trainer should be no different.  In today’s dog training community, which has exploded over the last decade, most have decided to take up the profession because they love dogs- and if anyone knows how dogs live, breathe, and think, Bloem is your answer.

Other than his extensive certifications and strong qualifications in training, what set’s Bloem apart from the rest is his gentle approach in tending to each and different needs of the specific dog from which he trains. Bloem’s ability to make any dogs feel completely comfortable with him, no matter what anxiety level, is a natural gift like nothing else. His natural touch when speaking, working, understanding the dogs temperament and disposition is dynamic in dog training  and communication he has become an expert in over the past 10 years.

Bloems has gained tremendous respect from San Diego’s highest profile animal rescue organizations and programs. Today he is proudly supported by San Diego Animal organizations such as San Diego’s Helen Woodward Animal Center, Rancho Coastal Humane Society, as well has been countlessly featured on San Diego news station such as KFMB CBS 8,  , FOX 5 San Diego, and NBC San Diego.

Outside of working with dogs for a living, Bloem continues to throw himself into projects that help benefit the best interest of the canine community. His most recent project “Shelter to Soldier” is a non- profit organization, one different than any of his previous works. The aim to his program is to train service companions for military men and women battling post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or other psychological or physical ailments from their service in Iraq, Afghanistan or other active areas. In addition, this program will change the lives of many dogs, rescuing them from their uncertain lives in shelters and instilling in them the meaningful opportunity to become lifetime companions for our struggling service men and women. When is comes to working with canines, Bloem is the real deal. His work is truly inspirational, and challenges what it really means to be a honest to dog trainer.

Bloem specializes in numerous methods of training. From basic obedience training to specialized areas in assistance to people with disabilities, and protecting people or property, like guard dogs.

Barking Beast highly recommends Bloem to anyone in need of dog training no matter what level.  To say that Bloem unconditionally loves dogs would be an understatement. We encourage you to check Trainer Graham Bloem and his site  Specialty Dog Training. His rates are extremely affordable, your dog and wallet will thank you!

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