Puppy’s leg ripped off in the fight for his life

Fort Worth, Texas – All jaws dropped yesterday at the Forth Worth Animal Care & Control (FWACC) when a white puppy, no more than five months old, came through its doors yesterday October 24th.

The leg of the puppy – named Greyson – was entirely ripped off, up to his shoulder. He was covered in blood and his bones, fat, muscle, veins and tissues were hanging out and dangling there.” Worse, Greyson was totally conscious and, therefore, in unimaginable pain. (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES)

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According to Greyson’s owner, he let Greyson out in the backyard. While out there, Greyson was attacked by the neighbor’s dog through an opening in the fence. Why Greyson’s owner didn’t take him to a vet, or how Greyson ended up at FWACC, is unknown.

The FWACC reached out to Apollo Support Rescue for help. Apollo rushed Greyson to a vet in Arlington, Texas. Greyson was in shock. The vet worked on stabilizing him so he could be transported to an emergency vet in Denton, Texas, where the vet could assess the injury, determine the course of action, and receive around-the-clock care.

The Arlington vet transported Greyson to an emergency vet in Mansfield, Texas, instead. There, Greyson will be closely monitored throughout the night. Apollo will periodically check on his progress, as well.

There is no doubt that Greyson suffered a grievous injury. His condition is critical. Nevertheless, Apollo has vowed to fight for him. They are doing all they can to make sure he survives this and has a wonderful future.

The most recent update on Greyson’s ChipIn page was posted at 12 midnight today. “Greyson is sleeping still, temperature is normal and he was given more pain medicine.. he will get more pain meds at 2 am. He is a fighter that is for sure, he is hanging in there!”

Given the seriousness of Greyson’s injury, vet expenses will be astronomical. If you can make a tax deductible donation to help in the expenses, click on this ChipIn link.

Apollo respectfully requests that no one call the vet’s office. They do not want the staff to be overwhelmed with calls to answer questions regarding Greyson’s status. Instead, please visit Apollo Support & Rescue’s facebook page for updates.

Apollo also asks that everyone send positive thoughts and prayers Greyson’s way.


  1. This is breaking my heart! What dog is capable of doing this to another? And where is Greyson’s owner? I’ve never seen anything so vicious! Poor guy!

    • I can’t believe it either. Where is the owner during all this is right. If he becomes available for adoption, he is MINE!!!

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