Pooch Hotel San Diego Grand Opening celebration November 3 and 4, 2012

Forced to leave pets behind during holiday travel? No need to feel guilty because dogs will beg pet parents to go on vacation now that the Pooch Hotel San Diego is opening. This 5-star hotel with “Turn Down” and “Tummy Rub” services, fitness center boasting a treadmill specifically for dogs, Presidential Suites and a spa is the best home-away-from-home a dog could hope for. Best of all, when pet parents miss their furry friend, webcams are in all play areas and Premium Suites with 24 hour access.

The Pooch Hotel grand opening celebration is November 3 and 4, 2012; just in time for pet parents to be assured their pets are in comforting hands during holiday vacations.  The premier hotel and daycare, exclusively for dogs, places a premium on convenience, extraordinary customer care superior facilities and outstanding services.

Local company, Petco, purchased the national chain to further accommodate pet parent’s need for best-in-class pet care.  Located conveniently in the Mission Valley shopping center, the 17,342 square-foot facility offers the same regal amenities as its sister locations in Dallas TX, Chicago, IL, Hollywood, CA, Sunnyvale, CA and Boston, MA.  Pooch Hotel has redefined pet boarding options across the country, with unparalleled services, an environmentally conscious mindset and a level of quality and care never before seen.

Some hotel highlights include:

  •  Webcams are available in the Presidential and Palace suites as well as all play areas. Pet parents will receive a link specific to their dog so they can sign in online at any time and see how much their pooch is enjoying his or her 5-star vacation.
  • Custom-made hotel suites with glass doors to allow staff to easily monitor pets.
  • Spa: This just-for-dogs spa features aromatherapy bathing and massage, paw-dicures, Poochberry facials, tooth brushing and more.
  • The Club @ Pooch Hotel: This complete, daily lifestyle program for dogs includes fitness and nutrition management. Pooch Hotel specialists can construct a healthy and holistic diet plan that will improve the weight, stamina and overall condition of pets.
  • The dog treadmill in the Club @ Pooch is specifically designed to meet the needs of pets that need extra exercise or are used to going on long runs.  The treadmill has a built in doggy bowl, low rails to prevent anxiety and is set up to teach dogs not only to use the treadmill, but to walk with human companions.
  • Easy drop-off and pick-up for clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • All Day Play: Guests can take part in a plentiful amount of indoor, supervised playtime with a variety of playground equipment that brings the outside in. With some real grass and white picket fences, the play area is built for pets to socialize in groups based on size and temperament. Drinking water for guests will be available at all times.
  • All guests are provided with scheduled feedings, around-the-clock monitoring, attention to any special needs including administering medications, and on-call veterinary care.

Incorporating natural lighting, Energy Star-rated air purification systems and state-of-the-art wet/dry vacuum and disinfecting systems throughout the facility. The Pooch Hotel San Diego has taken steps towards achieving a smaller carbon pawprint without sacrificing service, safety and satisfaction.

Grand Opening celebrations for the new 5 star dog friendly resort will be held on Saturday, November 3 and Sunday, November 4, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will include tours of the facility, a 50 percent discount on all daycare package purchases and advanced hotel reservations as well as the opportunity to win great prizes.

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