‘Teen Mom 2′: Chelsea’s Dog Frankie Is Mauled To Death



On tonight’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Chelsea tries in vain to save her little dog Frankie from the neighbor’s husky, and Leah and Jenelle both find new places to live. Meanwhile, Kailyn is reeling from her mom’s surprise visit — read on for the full recap.

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is not only one of the star Mom to little Aubree, 2 — she also has two dogs: a French bulldog named Frankie, and a pug named Pixie. But on the Jan. 14 episode, tragedy strikes the Houska household.

Chelsea’s Dog Becomes Neighborhood Husky’s Chew Toy

Chelsea reveals that he hasn’t talked to baby daddy Adam Lind in a few weeks, even though their daughter Aubree has been hanging out with Adam’s parents. But Chelsea insists that she doesn’t even have time to deal with her personal drama — she needs to take her final GED practice test, and this one is in math!

Chelsea is running late (again) for her GED, so she lets her dogs Frankie and Pixie out real quick before she has to leave, and it getting frustrated that they won’t come int. She frantically looks for Frankie, but can’t find him anywhere –until she pots him in the neighbor’s yard, being chewed on by their huge husky!

Terrified, Chelsea calls the police because she doesn’t know what to do, and they tell her they can’t be of much help. At this point, the GED is completely out of the question as Chelsea has her melt down.

While the hit show is an eye opener to the realities of teen pregnancy, tonight’s episode also challenged the importance of taking caution of your do when letting them wander the front yard of the leash. For the most part, owners who would dare to let their pups roam the front yard leash less, know better than to let a pup roam freely unless it’s extremely safe conditions.

The star of “Teen Mom 2” ended up calling the police, but they said nothing could be done. Chelsea’s dad brought up a good point when he wondered out loud what would happen if Aubrey ever wandered back there.

Losing a pet is an awful thing, but to actually see a neighbor’s dog chewing and gnawing on a puppy like it was a chew toy had to be traumatic for the MTV star.

What did you think of the Jan. 14 episode of “Teen Mom 2?” Were you shocked that the neighbor’s Husky was eating Chelsea Houska’s puppy?


  1. My heart breaks for her. There are few things more painful than losing a pet, and Frankie’s death was tragic and disturbing.

    However, she SHOULD have had Frankie on a leash, and not been carrying Aubree while she was chasing the puppy. Seriously, what if she tripped? Then you’ve got a dead puppy AND a little girl with a bumped head on concrete! Stupid stupid stupid.

    The neighbor is also partly to blame, for having a vicious dog. I hate to see a dog die, but the attacking dog should have been put to sleep, or the tenant evicted. What if it HAD been a child that got hurt or killed?

    Chelsea should never have had dogs. She obviously can’t handle the responsibility. My heart breaks for her, and I really like Chelsea, but I hope she sees this as a wake up call. She needs to get her life in order before bringing in more helpless creatures into it.

    • Stephanie – We couldn’t agree more. That girl is in no place to have a dog. A dog is responsibility just like a child and she can barley tend to her own daughter let alone herself, a dog is no where to have place in her life.

      This was a disturbing scene and while it would be easier to not mention it in the press it’s important for people to understand the realities of vicious dogs and that they do exist. Dogs must be trained to the extent where they can be exceptionally socialized and not a threat to other dogs, children or people in the community. While at Barking Beast we do not support euthanasia, it’s important we emphasize our eagerness to keep aggressive dogs of that extent far from the community.

      When you look at a situation like what happened with Chelsea it’s important to understand the we are responsible for and the safety of their well being wether it be a child or dog.Letting you dog run off the leash is not always the safest, but if you decide too always know you’re surrounding environment for the safety of the ones you love dog, kids, and family.

  2. If the husky had been deemed vicious, the police would have done more. Most of the time, if a big dog like a husky has never been socialized or introduced to small dogs, then it will think it’s prey and not another dog. A dog killing another dog does not automatically make it vicious. My dog has killed three squirrels, two birds, and if a small dog like Frankie were to wander into my yard, then she would probably kill the small dog too. However, she’ll lick any random stranger on the street. But her strong animal instincts are why as an owner I take precautions. I have an electrified wire that runs the entirety of my fence so she will not dig or break the wooden fence to escape and/pr cause unnecessary harm or distress. However, if a small dog were to wander into my yard (because the owner was ignoring their responsibilities as a dog owner like Chelsea) then I would have no remorse for the owner. Letting a small dog wander loose is asking for trouble.

  3. I was utterly disgusted at this episode and disappointed in MTV and Chelsea. I have watched teen mom for awhile and love how the program allows teen age girls to see the harsh reality of becoming a mom so young. I support the television shows promotion of Safe Sex and awareness. These are the reasons I have grown to love this show and the characters on it.

    But I cannot get this episode out of my head and am very disturbed by it. I am a avid animal lover, dog owner and vegetarian. I feel that Chelsea should have never had a dog in the first place and for this poor innocent pup to have to suffer and be brutally murdered and die because of such a selfish teenager is horrible and pathetic. Shame on you MTV! I also feel that there were camera men and other people working at MTV that could of stepped in and helped this situation. But instead they filmed it to have a intense plot for there show. You are disgusting!

  4. I completely agree with Jamie, however, I am thinking that if I were in Chelseas’ shoes, I would want the right to have an animal in my life because I personally can’t live without a pet. Having said that, I would have known my environment before letting my dog out without a leash…but I’m not a young teenager… AND THE PEOPLE AROUND THAT WORK ON THIS SHOW SHOULD HAVE STOPPED, DROPPED EVERYTHING AND HELPED OUT!!!! MTV YOU WERE RESPONSIBLE ALSO!! This young lady was overwhelmed! SMDH!

  5. I’m so sorry when watching the episode I cried I feel bad and the husky should of been tooken away for every ones safety but I’m glad aubree is ok and Aubree is soo cute she’s perfect she’s gonna be a star when she grows up!!!!!!

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