The F*ck Cancer Dog Tag by Crazy Rebels


Todays post is published with the goal of bringing greater exposure to Pet Cancer Awareness. May is Pet Cancer Awareness month and our dog loving friends over at Crazy Rebels are paying respects to dogs fighting cancer by shedding light on its seriousness in a blunt yet humorous way with the “F*ck Cancer” dog tag … They created an awesome dog tag that symbolizes the unity and support the dog community has for families who’s dogs are fighting cancer.

crazy rebels5

Everyday thousands of dogs across the country lose their lives to cancer. We all know a dog who is fighting cancer, has fought cancer or sadly lost their lives to cancer. In honor of this month, Jack will be sporting the “Fu*k Cancer” dog tag hand made by Crazy Rebels.

The F*ck Cancer tag’s outpouring of support has been incredible. Crazy Rebels did it as a small way to help fight cancer and to give back and it has taken on a life of its own. People are sending them as gifts to friends and dogs that are currently battling cancer or have beat cancer. Others are buying them by the quantity in memory of a lost loved one. Because every one has been affected by cancer in some way, this tag represents a bigger picture. This tiny tag which is hand made with so much love, has become a symbol of strength, hope, and love for people and dogs alike. Crazy Rebels has shipped hundreds of them all around the world and hope to send hundreds more.

In honor of Pet Cancer Awareness, Barking Beast encourages you to join Crazy Rebels by purchasing a $10 F*ck Cancer tag and support dogs and their owners dealing with this painful disease in hopes of finding a cure:

The F*ck Cancer tag is a special tag designed for every person, dog, or animal who has been affected by cancer. It’s a symbol of strength and support. In honor of Pet Cancer Awareness month 50% of all proceeds will be donated to to help fight cancer and find a cure.

Crazy Rebels was started by two dog lovers Lauren Jewel and Jesse Shane. Armed with a wild imagination and a love for canines, they saw a need for a high quality more fashion forward product for dogs with originality. When they couldn’t find the perfect collars, tags, and apparel for their rebel pack… two Dobermans (Diesel and Dakoda) and a Malshi (Cupcake) the duo with backgrounds in the fashion and graphic design decided to start their own dog fashion line. Shane is the creative artist behind everything visual. He is quite the craftsman instilling quality detail beding every dog collar and tag he makes… but his artistic ability does not stop there. Shane also maintains the very visually appealing Crazy Rebels website. The website displays captivating photographs of dogs in their element graciously wearing the Crazy Rebels brand. Shanes incredible talent as a photographer and portrait illustrator truly showcase his ability to capture the essence of dogs emotions with each snapshot. Be sure to follow them on Crazyrebels – Instagram, each Crazy Rebels photograph is amazingly precious.

Loving a dogs is a given. But Crazy Rebels is much more than just a dog company. They’re a do more, dream bigger, reach higher, kind of company working to inspire people to live, love, and make this life the best it can be for dogs. Life is short, and even shorter for our canine companions, so they believe every precious second should be spent playing harder, loving deeper, and giving more freely.

They instill a level of excellence into every product they put forth. The quality of their craftsmanship, the love is in the details of every product. They hope you can feel the love. Their mission is to make dog and their owner happy and proud to be dog lovers.

Please join us in supporting Crazy Rebels and the infectious love they have for supporting the fight against dog cancer and improving the quality of life for dogs by purchasing a F*CK CANCER tag today:

We highly enourage you to visit the Crazy Rebels where you will find apparel perfect for inner rebel inside your dog. Be sure to follow them on Crazy Rebels | Facebook and CrazyrebelsInstagram too! Thank you Crazy Rebels for all that you do for dogs ❤

crazy rebels

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