Helen Woodward raises nearly $50k for homeless San Diego pets this weekend!


This weekend I attended the annual Helen Woodward Spring Fling & Charity Silent Auction Gala with my avid animal loving friend and the owner and of  the amazing San Diego Pets Magazine, Casey Dean. This black tie event honors San Diego philanthropists who have dedicated themselves helping benefit homeless animals for over a quarter century through Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego.

The Rancho Sante Fe Rescue raised nearly 50k at this weekends auction! My goodness is that not incredible !? Imagine how many animals they can help with that kind of money. One auction I was very tempted to bid on was a ” Lunch date at Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills with the amazing Diane Keaton“, I loooveeee her! Father of the Bride and Somethings Gotta Give are two of my all time favorite movies. The final bid for that dinner went for $7,000!? ahhhh the joys of watching incredibly liquored up wealthy people willing to bid 7K for a lunch with Diane Keaton to benefit homeless pets! I could get used to this!

Turns out not only is Ms. Keaton one of my all time favorite actresse but Philanthropisst too! Apparently she is one of their biggest Celebrity Endorsers and on the chairman on the Board of Directors at  Helen Woodward Animal Center since 2001!? I love it!

Like all the animal benefits held in San Diego which look like a party from the Great Gatsby, the evening celebration opened up with bottomless top shelf cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and silent auction before a dinner of taste-portioned classic and innovative dishes from San Diego’s top restaurants. Then, we toasted to the start of incredible live entertainment and a spirited live auction, special guest appearances, and of course fuzzy VIPs. Despite the frustrations we as humans experience in the fight against homeless pets in shelters, events like this and the Petco Foundation Annual Gala remind us their is hope for the voiceless innocent animals who we continue to save everyay : )


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