Oceanside’s, Beach City Dogs Dive for SD Live on FSSD!

dock diving fix

We did it! We shot our second pet feature for SD Live!

No doubt about it – these pet features are here to stay! Lucky for me, my list of inspirational and athletic San Diego pet stories is endless here in San Diego – aka “Dog City USA”…


For the second feature we took SD Live up to Oceanside to check out Beach City Dogs– a dock diving facility for dogs. I met 3 dogs all polar opposites who performed impressive dock diving jumps for me. From Soldier the border collie, whippet mix and Dolley the golden lab and Bebe the Belgian Malinois. From distance to vertical airs-  It was pretty amazing watching these dogs dive 15, 20 to 25 feet in distance.

Seriously, those dock diving dogs. No. Joke. During filming we had to pull back some of the production equipment because the jumps where so far up and out that the dogs created a splash zone surrounding the the entire 50 foot pool.

The entire Beach City Dogs group made the experience so fun. The facility’s owner Chris Lubs was welcoming and warm I was immediately smitten with her.


Man, I really enjoyed filming the Dock Diving dogs. Their talents made for great visuals and it was incredible watching the dogs dive such distances in person. At the end of filming, the owner encouraged me to share with all of San Diego County to come visit the facility with their dogs and let Fido take a dive for themselves- that, or a swim in the 50 foot pool : -)

Keep yourself posted on the air time and date for the SDLive Beach City Dogs Dock Diving feature airing on FOX Sports San Diego!

Sports San Diego. Woof!


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