Dear Jack

Dear Jack

You nuzzle me gently when I have a bad day
A master at brightening my mood with a little run romp and play

When I go to bed its your health and happiness I pray
I hope to see you bring joy and laughter to my unborn child one day

Any separation from you is likely to be painful
You are my lifes greatest gift for which I will always be grateful

– Tania Milberg October 12, 2014


You were a mutt from the Escondido Humane Society,

Never did I imagine you’d be filled with so much variety.

At three months old I would coddle you like a baby,

Now you weigh a hundred pounds you won’t see me doing that lately.

Even though you can’t talk I always know how you feel,

Its through those big brown eyes I know our connection is real.

I’ve learned so much about life from you my big red dog,

So much in fact you’ve inspired me to create a blog.

God made you with me in mind most certainly not at the very least,

I couldn’t have hand picked a more beautiful boy I love you my barking beast.

– Tania Milberg, October 10th 2014.


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