My Perfect Pet: A San Diego Dog Food Favorite


I don’t usually blog about dog food. Seriously, I don’t like when people tell me how to feed and parent my dog – so I refrain from doing the same to others. However, if you know me you know I’m excited into supporting my community. Recently I came across a 100% wholesome dog food brand home grown in San Diego called My Perfect Pet.

My Perfect Pet prides themselves in providing pet parents affordable 100% organic quality pet food made of nutritional key ingredients to quickly benefit the health and quality of life in your dog. I encourage you learn more about this brand by visiting their website My Perfect Pet. They are as honest about providing the necessary information needed helping parents make informed decisions about their dogs diet and health as they are about the ingredients in their product.

Residing out of Poway, My Perfect Pet invites residents and their pets, to stop by their facility if ever in the neighborhood and let Fido try out the amazing blends of tasty and nutritional products themselves. Jack and I have plans to take the My Perfect Pet tour this weekend.

Considering many pet health issues are directly correlated to unhealthy diet- why not look into making a choice that makes a huge difference in your pets health and life longevity, while at the same time supporting your community. See what others are saying about the delicious and whole some product by clicking here. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook! Woof!


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