April Howland: The Picasso of Puppy Portraits


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Check out Jacks entry lol
Check out Jacks entry lol

As an art enthusiast and a huge dog lover I’ve come across hundreds of dog portrait artists in my time working in the pet industry. However, this summer I think I may have discovered the ultimate “Painter of the Pets” who might just take the cake as the Picaso of puppy portraits: April Howland of  Howland Studios. april4 Howland, a full-time painter has 20 plus years experience doing animal portraits. She specializes in original pieces of painted artwork commissioned from photographs of our loving pets. What makes her paintings so unique is that she offers styles ranging from modern Warhol inspired looks to traditional portraits which convey intricate detail, texture, depth and above all the personality of each dog she paints. howlandhowland studios

Howland enjoys taking photos of the different stages of her work process so that the clients can see how the artwork is progressing. Clients love to feel like they are a part of the process. She believes the photos are almost like having the client there in the studio with her as she captures the beauty and essence of your special companion or beloved friend. april2 Growing up, Howland had a part yellow lab, part doberman dog named Brandy who she hand picked out of a box of puppies when she was two years old. Brandy was a huge part of the family and this is where April’s love for animals began. Today, April has a huge houseful of rescue animals along with a loving husband and a wonderful 14 year old son. While she enjoys creating beautiful and moving paintings, she also enjoys giving back to her community where she can and by combining both painting and philanthropy she has found her passion in life. Today Howland’s art is high in demand. Her work is regularly shown at the famous The Black Cat/White Dog Gallery in Denver Colorado. If you are looking to have a portrait completed by her, do get in touch with her at Howland Studio as soon as possible to book your space as she works on a first come first serve basis. If you are on Facebook, please click  HOWLAND STUDIOS | Facebook ‘LIKE’ button to keep up  with what is new from the studio and view photos of her breathtaking portraits. howland5


  1. We’re delighted to have one of her portraits of our Yorkie, Arnie. April really catches the essence of his personality. She’s very easy to work with too !

  2. April is the best!! We had our pups captured by her brush and I still can’t pass it without stopping to stare at it. She captures their spirit through their eyes…mesmerizing.

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