True Tails from the Dog Park released October 15th

Just received my “True Tails of Dog Park book and I can’t put it down!!! Great job Max and Luther Publications!! Great job!!!
Scheduled for release on October 15th. A book signing will take place on October 25th at Unleased in the Del Mar Highland Town Center

What a celebratory summer it’s been for pets in San Diego. New thriving pet friendly restaurants, Yappy Hours being hosted almost every night of the week, meanwhile the community events calendar could not be more full. With all this pet enthusiasm in the San Diego, it’s no surprise pet friendly books are thriving too!

That said, there is a wonderful book soon to hit shelves in San Diego and I’m very engaged in its storyline. Unlike many pet friendly books often written for children,  “True Tails from the Dog Park” is intended for adults. With incredibly huge hearts for animals, comedic humor and noticeable sense of dog behavior, authors Kari Sherman and Carey Laubenberg are showcasing a form of content that is sure to be relateable as well amusing to that of their dog parent counterparts.

True Tails paints a picture on a collection of true stories, tips and advice all from the perspective of the authors dogs, Max and Luther. The story details the bliss and power that comes from the love between owner and dog, along with the possibilities and life lessons which can be learned from”Man’s Best Friend”, from a dogs point of view.

The book is scheduled for release October 15th, followed by a book signing on October 25th at Unleashed in the Del Mar Highland Town Center. We hope to see you there! 

To learn more about the book authors Kari Sherman and Carey Marks Laubenberg, visit and be sure to LIKE their page on Facebook! 



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