Ruff Ties: The Hottest Fashion Trend in Dog Apparel


With football season in full swing – there truly is no better reason to get your dog a tie to celebrate the festivity of your favorite team!  Ruff Ties makes awesome San Diego Chargers drape and bow ties ready for game parties – they are also more than happy to accomodate ties for your other favorite sports teams upon request!

San Diegan’s are no stranger the hottest pooch seasonal trends… and a Ruff Ties tie is a must for Fido! 


To make things even more pawesome for pups, Ruff Ties makes hand-crafted dapper neck and bow ties to help save animals with each tie that is sold. Each tie differs from the next and is custom-designed with love, quality, and made for comfort giving your pup the ability to freely express it ‘s personality for the occasion. Every tie is made from recycled fabrics! So your making a great choice for the environment while helping animals in need with every Ruff Tie you purchase for Fido.


The adorable idea was originated by Jennifer Parker, Amazing Race reality star & former NBA Clipper Girl ( ahh a gorgeous female athlete and a dog lover?? We love her already! ) With credentials from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and her love for dogs it was only natural that she came up with the exciting furry friend fashion!

Rusty, her 5lb Yorkie-Poodle ( you may recognize Rusty as the face of Ruff Ties ) was the inspiration behind the idea of Ruff Ties.  After traveling the world through 26 countries on the Amazing Race, Parker got a robust taste of what else occurs on this earth including poverty at its worst, diverse cultures, breathtaking scenery, different religions, foreign rituals, intriguing landmarks, and inspirational art.

The fashion-forward enthusiast recognized the excessive consumption and waste trend happening in America. She then learned about the United States’ high rate of landfill waste and discovered that only 15% of all clothing textiles are recycled, according to the Offices of Textiles & Clothing Recycling. Upon her return from the Amazing Race, she purchased the love of her life, Rusty, and proceeded to donate almost all her clothes and belongings and began a new way of life, utilizing what is currently available rather than producing more.

It was then that Parker started to shop for fun accessories for Rusty, but noticed there was not a lot of fashionable pieces for pets. Looking in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York, she found nothing…. and this was when the best part of Ruff Ties all began….

“Well there wasn’t any prêt a porter for pets lets just say. While on our journey, people would comment about Rusty…’She’s so cute…!’ I would politely correct and say, ‘this is Rusty’ …..I felt bad for the little guy, I want the world to know he is a dude! So I gathered old clothes of mine, Mom’s and Grandma’s and started cutting and sewing with the thought of a neck tie to make him look manly when we left the house, so there would be no “she” mistaking. Without making it 5 steps from the house on the lively Newport Beach Peninsula, I began to get stopped several times a week and asked where they could purchase “HIS” tie. Mission accomplished! “, says Jennifer Parker.

…….So she started making neck and bow ties for pets, or a much cooler and more meaningful version of what was already out there. Ruff Ties is determined to raise the low annual percentage rate of Textiles and Clothing Recycling while styling pets as well as Ralph Lauren does humans.


So if you want to style your pup with luxurious custom dog apparel while helping the environment, a Ruff Tie is the perfect way to do so… Heck, get a few for Fifo. Style your pup with a tie that rocks your favorite sports team, or fashion style! Ruff Ties can make a custom tie for any team or design.

Ruff Ties makes unique looks for both girls and boys with fun, and sophisticated colors and fabrics. Purchase yours at Ruff Ties and be sure to LIKE them on Ruff Ties | Facebook! Order your San Diego Chargers Tie TODAY!!! 


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