Finding Love at the Dog Park


Jack and I made some new friends at the dog park today- a newly married couple, parents to a Rottweiler and a Vizsla. To celebrate their marriage, the couple shared with me how their love story began. Two complete strangers, the young woman and her Vizsla, and the man and his rotty, met at the Encinitas’ D Street dog park almost two years ago. The rest was history. Lovely right? Well, if you’re a dog lover I’m sure you can appreciate that story. This got me thinking of the hundreds of other married couples out there who as well have met at a dog park. To state the obvious- I’m sure you can probably tell I don’t at the moment have a man to call my own.. nor am I desperately eager to get married. Slowly but surely I’m sure I’ll land a boyfriend… he of course needs to be a dog person too!

Anyway to get back to my point, I have yet to blog about dating in the dog world. So here’s a thought. Many single dog owners now a day prefer to date other dog owners/ enthusiasts as well. Understandably so. There’s nothing worse than meeting someone who you think may be the one- only to find out they are scared of dogs and or the slightest pinch of slobber. LOL. In fact today there are websites solely designated to single dog owners interested in meeting other dog owners, such as Pet People Meet. Personally I’m not signed up, but I’m very optimistic about this Pet People Meet. Hey! Or you can try this new app I been hearing about called Tinder. Isn’t that how everyone meets now a days? Kidding.

That being said- if you’re a single dog owner who’s not part of a dog dating social media network, or that of any dating network, my suggestion is consider the dog park. By no means am I condoning creeping on people at the dog park in the pursuit of romance. Nothing worse than someone bothering you when you’re content and serene at the park. If someone appears approachable and interested, then they likely are interested- otherwise stay clear. But honestly, if you want to try a new avenue to meet people besides the local watering hole, the dog park is the perfect place. In fact, Ive walked away with my fair share of phone numbers from the dog park- and the beauty and piece of mind of it was those numbers all led back to fellow dog lovers like myself. Obviously I can’t recap all my romantic experiences on the blog ( although I’d love too )… how much time do you have? Kidding.

On behalf of my experiences and the married couple whom I met today, I challenge you to consider the dog park as a potential place to find love. That is, if you don’t mind channeling your flirting game in a sober state of mind, which I think is how all couples should normally meet. Un- intoxicated with heightened inhibitions. Here in San Diego we have so many amazing off the leash dog parks and beaches- THIS is where the party is at. If you’re single, next time you visit the dog park, take time to look at your surroundings. Who knows? Maybe your cupid exists in the form of a doggy play date. What are your experiences? Has anyone out there found love at dog park?

If interested in this idea, one tip I highly encourage you work on for romance to possibly happen is ‘be approchable’. No one can pursue you if you’re on your phone texting, emailing, social media what have you. If you are NOT interested in this idea, I still encourage you enjoy life and what truly matters at dog park- your dog. Be in the moment with Fido. Throw them the ball, run with them. Get off your phone and enjoy the outdoors with your dog. This is something I’m trying to be conscious about and doing more these days as well. Too many people are contsantly locked into their phones at the dog park these days, and clearly it appears their dogs wish Mom and Dad would be more involved in the trip.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Let me leave you with some pictures I took at Del Mar dog beach today that prove when it comes to enjoying the outdoors with Fido, San Diegan’s truly have the advantage.


del mar




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