Diane Rose-Solomon book signing Sunday at Whole Dog Sports

TGIF!! We had some much needed rain this week in San Diego. Which is great and all, but it has been impossible for me and the dog to sit inside with no outdoor activity. This morning, since the weather has cleared up, we spent nearly 3 hours hiking the trails in Carlsbad! Check out this awesome sea-saw we stumbled upon during our hike! Just an ole tree log in between another. Rad.


Anyways speaking of Cbad, this weekend my friend Diane Rose-Solomon, author of the award winning children’s book “JJ The American Street Dog and How He Came to Live in Our House” is launching her sequel “JJ Goes to Puppy Class” on Sunday Dec. 7th at Whole Dog Sports in Cbad! The event is being sponsored by Furlocity, and will host a lot of exciting athletic based festivities for Fido to enjoy. I know my dog Jack will be attacking the Whole Dog Sports agility course that day to let out steam he’s bottled up all week because of weather inconveniences. Haha.


If you know me, you know I’m really excited into children’s books, especially ones with Fido friendly story lines. I think I’ve read True Tails from the Dog Park, and Dozer Surfs about a hundred times. LOL! I know these books are intended for children, but who says adults can’t get some emotional satisfaction from them too. .

And who doesn’t adore children’s book writers? There is something about their ideas, combined with moral of the stories and added illustrations I find delightful. I think these authors are soul of the earth. Especially Diane, her story lines intrigue me in a way that brings me back to a time of adolescence. And for a brief moment, I think any adult can appreciate that- especially single female dog parents like myself, who will gladly swap diamonds in place for Man’s Best Friend any day.  


Anywho, we really hope to see you and Fido this Sunday at Whole Dog Sports in Carlsbad to celebrate the launch of the JJ Goes to Puppy Class sequel! A percentage of Diane’s book sales will go to rescue organizations. Woof!


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