Pupchips: The Real Dog Snack


Coming at you with a snack that has taken dog snacking to the next level, PupChipsPerfect for when on the go, and it’s a generous size enough to satisfy Fido.

PupChips was intrigued at the idea of introducing “healthier snacking” to the dog food category.  PupChips, made it a goal to create a dog snack for Fido that would not spoiling their “supper.” Most current dog treats only allow the dog one small piece- it doesn’t really feel big enough to be a snack. PupChips provides a great opportunity to let your dog have a substantial snack that is more appropriate than most treats today. Dried, never fried.. PupChips are the perfect, guilt-free treat so your dog can snack when you do.

PupChips is made with one pure single natural and organic snack ingredient, no additives or preservatives whatsoever. Available in a variety of flavors, PupChips is the snack generous enough to emotionally, mentally, and physically satisfy your dogs appetite.

Apple Chips: 100% Natural Apple Chips are made from human-grade dried apples. There are NO additives or preservatives whatsoever, just 100% pure apple.

Coconut Chips: Organic Coconut Chips are made from 100% organic dried coconut meat, good enough for humans. Made solely of organic coconut meat.

Skinny Chips: A delicious super-food snack for your dog, our Skinny Chips are made from dried sweet potatoes. There are NO additives or preservatives whatsoever, just 100% pure sweet potatoes.

All that goodness with so much healthy greatness! My dog Jack has been amazed at the innovation. Pupchips is the perfect snack anytime- but I also really think this product is great for occasions when you’re in a hurry and need tasty bite for Fido in a flash.

Click here to order your dogs PupChips and be sure to follow them on PupChips Facebook!

Thanks PupChips for sending us this delicious snack!pupchips-justbecauseyoulovethem-dog-snacks-85492482

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