Road Trip with Fido Part II


I’m posting this a few days late, but we made it home from our vacation Sunday night and I’m confident Jack and I made a memory that will last a lifetime. To pick up on where I left off on “Road Trip with Fido Part I”, Jack and I got back on the I-5 highway in Portland, Oregon and were homeward bound. To make things exciting, I set out for a night in San Francisco. If that was going to happen I knew we had to log in at least 300 miles, stay the night in a motel, and log another 230 to San Francisco. So we set out to do just that.

Fast forward to the arrival upon the Oregon – California border. It was the most breathtaking drive of my life. GORGEOUS! I fell madly in love with the scenery of the redwood mountains and the big tress allllll around. Even though there was snow on the ground it wasn’t nearly as brisk as it was Seattle in the low 30’s. It was nice not needing to wear jackets and gloves, as the further south we drove it got warmer.


We called it a day and stayed in a Weed, Ca. ( enter pot jokes here haha ) The next morning we enjoyed some time at a local park where Jack ran around in the snow like the goofy mutt he is. Pictured below is Jack standing in front of Mt. Shasta which I think is funny, because if you’re like me and like orange soda you appreciate the name Mt. Shasta in a town of all places called “Weed”. Soon after we got back on the road and made our way to San Francisco. It was the perfect drive and we finally made it to our destination. We stayed at the incredibly pet friendly Hotel Monaco in downtown San Francisco, located two blocks from Union Square. The place was so fancy, Jack was thrilled about all the city action and foot traffic because he loves people. I could just feel it – that ‘dog mom of the year’ award was going to be mine after hotel check in. I had it in the bag.


If you ever travel up to San Fran with Fido, I highly recommend you stay at the Hotel Monaco. They even have pet food bowls and provide you with comfy dog beds for dogs of every size. San Francisco was the icing on the cake for our road trip. But the next morning it was do or die. We had to log in 500 miles back to San Diego. Here’s a little FYI for all of you folks who decide to drive from San Fran down south— don’t leave the city without at least a quarter tank of gas in the car because the next station is not for another 20 miles. That was pretty scary. No joke. I started thinking to myself if I secured roadside assistance for the vehicle I was driving. Luckily we made it to a station anxiety-attack-free. After logging 200 miles we pulled off the side of the road in Fresno so Jack could get some off the leash stretching out. What was a coincidence about the place we stopped was how pet friendly the area was as their was a cool sign that read Pet Area. 6 hours and 300 miles later we finally made it back to San Diego by sunset.


It was the perfect road trip and I definitely forsee myself going on these with Jack as tradition. I look forward to sharing with you all the advetourous journeys Jack and I embark. An even if I don’t get to document every day of our life on this blog, know we’re enjoying life and what truly matters. We hope you are all doing the same. On that note I’m off to continue planning my Barking Beast Runway Show to Benefit Rescue Pets. It’s only 6 weeks away! Hooray for chartities!

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