Runway Show Planning Recap


I wanted to pop in today and touch base on the progress of my upcoming Barking Beast Runway Show to Benefit Shelter Pets.  People have been asking me how the show is coming together so I thought I would do an update via the dog blog.  First, let me start by saying some of the original avenues planned for this production did not work as anticipated (anyone who has thrown an event before would show me some love on that one).  Since the production has hit full steam, to be quite honest, I have struggled to keep up with some of the technical aspects the way I had them envisioned.  I’ve been blessed with a team of close friends who have been kind enough to help me when I go into my frantic breakdowns at The Westin Downtown (my event venue) or during bikini fittings and runway routines with the models… but it still doesn’t take away the worry that the benefit show might not go down as I hope it will. For the record, this is my first event – I knew there were going to be hiccups and I’m learning to accept that.  With every stage I’ve recorded and written down issues I’ve run into so I could better prepare myself for future events I host.  One of the biggest issues was exhausting myself fielding advice from everyone who was trying to help and execute their ideas.  At one point the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen” was spot on for where I found myself.  I spent a lot of my time trying to please everyone involved, but quickly realized pleasing everyone IS impossible. The ones whom I should be pleasing and grateful to are the parties who truly matter and are making the real difference towards the benefit.  People like the sponsors who have willingly donated their services towards the event and work tirelessly in helping advertise this production to their followers.  The amazing line up of celebrities who have been using their notoriety to shine a light on the importance of animal adoption.  The models who will be paired with the real celebrities of the show (the dogs).   Last but definitely not least, the San Diego rescue shelters who are showcasing their dogs on the runway.  When it comes down to it, the most important thing in the production of this event is to remember the cause.  I will leave you with one exciting detail I finalized today – instead of hosting a “red carpet”- I’m hosting a “green carpet” made of turf because it’s a pet friendly event (working on the fire hydrants… lol).  With that said, I’m off to the dog park with the barking beast!   Hope you all have a great Super Bowl weekend. Go Hawks!


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