Helen Woodward Annual Surf Dog Surf A- Thon


The Helen Woodward Animal Center Surf Dog Surf A Thon took place over the weekend in Del Mar, Ca. This year marks the 9th anniversary for the exciting event and the crowd, as was expected, turned out having double the spectators as last year. Over a dozen surfing dogs hung 20 competing for the coveted titles in 20 minute consecutive heats ranging according to dog size. A costume contest was hosted at this years event as well! After the finals winners were announced, an award ceremony was held to honor the four legged surfing athletes.

And while dog lovers from all over the county came out to Del Mar to see the cities finest surfing dogs compete, one canine who has retired from the sport, is a dog surfing favorite, Dozer the Surfing Bulldog.  According to sources close to the handsome meatball, Dozer will no longer compete in surfing and will enjoy all it’s glory for fun.   In 2013, Barking Beast creator Tania Milberg featured Dozer on FOX Sports San Diego’s show #SDLive shortly after he took 1st place in the 2014 Surf Dog A Thon, CLICK HERE to watch Dozers FOX Sports San DIEGO #SDLive feature.

dozer srufing now

Roughly 53 pounds – (taking a guess on that one) and over 31 inches long, Dozer packs a stalky stance and he’s not afraid to use it. Celebrating his fourth 1st place win at Del Mar in 2014, and over all eleventh year in row winning a major surf competition, you can imagine the why he will be missed greatly in at the Helen Woodward Surf A-Thon.  Aside from the Helen Woodward, Dozer has competed in the Ocean Beach Purina Surfing Dog Challenge, the Surf City Dog Surfing Competition in Huntington Beach, and the Lowes Dog Surfing Competition in Imperial Beach.

Dozer truly represents what it means to be San Diego’s MVP’s “Most Valuable Pet”. As if nothing in this world would be cuter than watching this toothy under bite beast of a dog surf – his smile as he holds his head high and chest out when he is announced a winner, is pretty adorable too. To view a list of Dozers current standing winnings click here.

Dozer seems to really enjoy surfing and the attention that comes with it. He especially loves the people, the media, and the fans! Oh does he love the fans – especially the ladies. Owned by Doug and Gigi Hokstad, Dozers parents make is point to take the Kelly Slater of canines surfing as often as they can. “ If Dozer does not get a surf session in for days his mood will change. We can not drive by the beach with him in the car, without him barking up a storm for the ocean. When it comes to surfing, absolutely nothing can get in between him and his surfboard” – Dozers mom Gigi Hokstad shared with Barking Beast.

Dozer and his parents on the right Doug and Gigi Hokstad
Dozer and his parents on the right Doug and Gigi Hokstad

The goofy bulldog was trained by his dad Doug Hokstad at a young age. It’s important to note Dozer was never pressured to surf, it was something he naturally picked up when he stood on a surfboard for the first time. Oh, and did you know Dozer’s an actor too?  Dozer has been featured in a number of national commercials, movies, and other sports networks such as ESPN. You can always find him as a guest on many of the Southern California local news stations showcasing his surfing. He recently published a children’s book Dozer Surfs which has been a huge hit in the community, click here to order yours today. When Dozer is not surfing he enjoys spending time with his parents, flirting with ladies, and eating bacon. Congratulations on your big win DOZER!!! Woof!!!

Like all events put on by Helen Woodward, the Surf Dog Surf A Thon hosted a fundraiser with the sponsorship of Blue Buffalo to help raise money for animal rescue efforts. To view more photos from the 2015 Surf Dog Surf -A- Thon click here for the

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