For the love of Pit Bulls: San Diego Pittie Parents Host Pitties in Park


San Diego is home to the hardest working animals rescue groups in all the world. So it’s no wonder day-go is predominantly known as Pet City USA among animal lovers nationwide.  When pet parents aren’t out enjoying the many pet friendly festivities SD has to offer, animal advocates are often huddling up in efforts to help pets in need.  I believe one of the most crucial parts of advancing in animal rescue, especially when it comes to helping shelter dogs find homes, is tackling the stereotypes on pit bulls and their highly misrepresented temperments.  The truth is Pit Bulls make excellent family dogs. They are kind, loyal and warm hearted animals.  Shining light on that is so important because shelters continue to over flow with charming and affectionate pit bulls looking for forever owners.  Many who actually got a fighting chance of being adopted, only for a prospective owner to become easily discouraged by a beyond ridiculous and unfair cliché. Sadly, many who work outside of rescue facilities are to often too scared to work with pit bulls because of their misconstruded reputations.

That said, this year has been extra special to San Diego animal rescue thanks to the emergence of the new group San Diego Pittie Parents. Newly founded this year by Kristin Porter and Jolene Figueroa, these two beautiful and compassionate women hold more love for pit bulls in their finger tips alone that most people possess in an entire lifetime. The two work tirelessly to counter the bad rap on pit bulls, while helping socialize adoptable pit bulls in the community… everything about the San Diego Pittie Parents program is wonderful for many reasons.  Their goal is to help homeless pit bulls find stable homes and resorting their warm and tender characters.

I first met the San Diego Pittie Parents in February when they came out to support the Barking Beast Runway Show at the Westin downtown San Diego.  Here they are posing with Barking Beast celebrity guest NFL star Thomas Keiser.


And here they are with ME following the show!  I was so happy they showed up! 

I later got the opportunity to work alongside the pittie parents when Barking Beast hosted the Chargers Pet Adoption event at San Diego Humane Society.  Here they are enjoying a meet and greet with the event advocate NFL star Colton Underwood and the San Diego Chargers.  That was one awesome event and I’m so grateful to have Porter and Figueroa’s continuous support.


I can honestly say they are two of the coolest women I’ve ever met. In the past four years that I’ve worked in animal rescue, I have never met two people who dedicate so much of their personal life to the well-being and reputation of pitt bulls.  I respect them so much for what they do in the San Diego pet rescue community.  From the moment you meet them, it’s admirable to see how strongly the group connects with the people and environment around them, especially that of their ever so cuddly pit bulls.


Kristin and Jolene met in 2014 during a fundraiser campaign and have since become a dynamic duo, an unstoppable force in the local pit bull advocacy world. Together with their own dogs who are Pit Bull Ambassadors in the community, and the official ambassadors for the San Diego Humane Society. The idea for San Diego Pittie Parents became a reality in 2015.

To celebrate the launch of this awesome rescue group and in honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Month, come join us for a good time when San Diego Pittie Parents host Pitties in the Park taking place next week Sunday October 25th from 12-4pm in Ingram Plaza ( Liberty Station ) San Diego. The Halloween themed event will feature all kinds of festivities for kids and canines including Halloween costume contests. This event is perfect for all families and Fido so we really hope to see you there for the fun! Get festive, grab your pooches greatest Halloween costume and come bring them down to enjoy a great time with other pups!

Pitties in the Park FLYER 10-25-15

To learn more about this event or San Diego Pittie Parents, visit the San Diego Pittie Parents website and be sure to follow their Pitties in the Park’s Facebook Page and Instagram!

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