Meet Mila Miesner: The little Wiener that could


How stinkin’ cute is this Dachshund!? Her name is Mila, and there’s a good chance she may be one of the most hard working canines in show biz. Perhaps best known as the “Biggest Little Racer” in the world of wiener dog racing, Mila is one of the Wienerschnitzel Wiener Dog Nationals toughest competitors- YES you read that right – Wiener – Dog – Nationals. The sport primarily consists of Dachshund dog breeds and takes place on some of the America’s most prestige race tracks,  attracting spectators numbering in the thousands!

With a resume longer than that of most humans, Mila catapulted into stardom shortly following her Wiener Dog Race wins. Not only can you see Mila front and center at the Wiener Dog Nationals but she also stars in national commercials and was the star in the movies Wiener Dog Nationals. To view her very extensive resume, click here!

A local resident born and raised in San Diego, this half a dog high and a dog-and-a-half long package, is the little wiener that could! Mila is also very involved in her community, making appearances at social functions with a goal to give back to charities held for San Diego rescue shelters and programs. She is also a member of Dachshund Meet-up, Dachshund Club of San Diego, the Obedience Club of San Diego County and a Cesar Millan Ambassador. With an extensive story, plans are in the works to feature this incredible dog in a FOX Sports San Diego pet feature on the network’s new show, #SDLive.

For more on this amazing canine check out her website! Go Mila!

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