The Maggie Houlihan Memorial Dog Park


I’m coming at you guys with a post about something I’ve been crazy excited to share for a while now— The Maggie Houlihan Memorial Dog Park.  It’s been open almost a year, but I wanted to make sure to throw a post up about this place as it has become one of San Diego’s county’s dog park hits, especially in North County!  This sizable park has made a awesome alternative for those wanting to dodge the sand at the dog beaches. Pretty much anytime of day (during park hours) you can find over a dozen dogs roaming the parks. The off the leash dog park has a large turf area, and areas for large, small and shy dogs and their owners. The dog park is part of the new 44-acre Encinitas Community Park at 425 Santa Fe Drive in Encinitas ( locate behind the Von’s and Jorge’s Mexican Food ) and has been a wonderful gift to the North County dog community.


The decorative big paw prints painted along the concrete pathway leading up to the entrance of the park further animate the pet enthusiastic ambiance. The park entrances offer safety gates to use during your comings and goings. Made for dog water fountains are located on the inside entrance of the park and because there are several, the lines are always short!  Terrain is made of a combination between grass and bark areas where dogs can ran wild.  Jack isn’t the only one to enjoy park amenities,  I myself have become a happy camper too as the benches surrounding the park permitters are lounge-y.  Lots of exciting things going on there, and no matter what time of the day it is, it’s always a fun crowd inside. On the weekends you can expect seeing up to 50 dogs inside this park, anytime of the day. One of the challenges I’ve faced since becoming a dog owner was finding off the leash parks, besides the beach, that were large enough to really tire my dog while also hosting a great crowd.

Up until the opening of Maggie Houlihan Memorial Dog Park, North County residents had very limited options when it came to off the leash park with generous enough room. The ones that allow off the leash 24/7 are generally quite small, and the bigger parks only allow off the leash at designated times which really cramps my schedule.  So yes!  Finally our puppy park prayers have been answered!!! Maggie Houlihan Park is the large and year round off the leash dog park every parent dreams of!!! On top of that, there’s a Pet Haus pet store located out front, perfect for after park festivities such as picking up treats and toys! I have to credit The City of Encinitas for the spectacular job on the park. It’s truly one of San Diego’s greatest dog parks to date!  Look forward to seeing you and your dogs there!

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