Fitness with Fido


When it comes to goals of getting healthy and fit, pet owners truly have the advantage. Some, like myself, have seen firsthand the positive impact, dogs especially, can make. There are many health benefits that come from interacting with pets, such as lower blood pressure, cholesterol, decreasing anxiety while increasing happiness and work performance. Studies have shown people with heart disease have better survival rates if they interact with pets – you see, PETS. REALLY. DO. HEAL!

With perfect weather year round in San Diego- there’s all kind of activities you and Fido can enjoy while working on your
fitness. This city is home to hundreds of charitable dog marathons which invite you to power walk or run with your dog.


FACE Foundations “i Sweat 4 Pets” run

Its also a climate which harnesses some of the most adventurous terrain to get your cardio in along side a beautiful scenic view. Taking just a hour of day to get a outdoor workout with Fido is beneficial for both dog and human physically, emotionally and mentally. Dogs motivate health and fitness. Here are ways you and your dog can begin your fitness routine.


One of the easiest ways to get your cardio in is with a lengthy walk on one our pet friendly beaches. A good I-pod with a music playlist always helps. Be sure that you and Fido hydrate before the jog or walk to stay revitalized during the workout. San Diego’s top Fido-friendly beaches include: Cardiff By the Sea ( on leash ), Del Mar Dog Beach ( off leash except for summer) Fiesta Island ( off leash ) and Ocean Beach Dog Beach ( off leash ).


Another great work out is with hikes on the trails or in the woods. I think I can speak for Jack when I say hiking through the countryside is one of our favorite hobbies. That dog and I are happiest when we’re one with nature…or at the Ritz. LOL. Our perfect day would include a morning run, a day spent hiking through the woods and room service at a luxury hotel. Here’s a list of San Diego trails I think you and Fido will enjoy getting your work out along:

Cabrillo Tide Pools Trail: Cabrillo Tide Pools Trail is an easy, 0.5 mile hike in Cabrillo National Monument that will take about 1 hour to complete with Fido. Although some people along the trail may tell you that your dog is not allowed, this trail is in fact the only area in Cabrillo National Monument where dogs are allowed.

Cowles Mountain: Pets are welcome to join you on leashes as you hike this popular San Diego mountain. Enjoy the gorgeous views from the summit.

Tecolote Canyon Natural Park:Bring your pet with you on-leash for some exercise along the 6.5 miles of scenic trails in this lovely canyon.

Barker Valley Trail: Barker Valley Trail is a moderately easy, 7.5 mile hike in Cleveland National Forest that will take about 4 hours to complete with Fido. On this trail you will actually descend on the way in and ascend on the way out.

Bayshore Bikeway (Silver Strand Bikeway): The Bayshore Bikeway (Silver Strand Bikeway) is one of 1600 rail-trails supported by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that is working to create a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors.

Chollas Lake Recreation Area:Take your pet for some on-leash exercise in this beautiful lakeside recreation area.

Marian Bear Memorial Park: There are plenty of wide open spaces to play in at this fun neighborhood park. Dogs are welcome on-leash, restrooms nearby.

Martin Luther King Promenade: The Martin Luther King Promenade is one of 1600 rail-trails supported by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that is working to create a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors.

Mission Bay Trails on Fiesta Island:Fiesta Island is a large area of land centrally located in Mission Bay. There is a 5 MPH zone on the east side of the island that is popular for recreational water sports, and Fido friendly activity.

Evidence shows people who are pet owners tend to live substantially longer than people who aren’t. This must be because of the emotional and physical energy they require us to challenge in ourselves everyday. Ive never been more fit and mentally happy in my life than today and I Jack to thank a lot for that!


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