My Perfect Pet: The Perfect Dog Food

In a previous post I mentioned I don’t often blog about food as there are a bajillion options for pet parents. However, I feel as though I would be doing the pet community a disservice if I didn’t share with you about My Perfect Pet. On Friday a My Perfect Pet swag bag arrived on our doorstep packed with a generous supply of a weeks worth of dog food assorted in blends of many flavors- just in time to snack on for the weekend! The package also included My Perfect Pet beef meatball treats along with some very fun gifts, such as the cool bandana you see Jack wearing in the above photo. I threw a bowl together for him, and not gonna lie, it smelt so good, even I wanted a taste. Weird I know…but it looked delicious! Like expected, he wolfed down the entire meal. That obviously didn’t get photographed…the truly delicious things never do. Perfect Pet supplied Jack with a one weeks worth of meals. It is safe to say Jack is hooked, and it looks like he’s making a lifestyle change. He goes crazy when I prep his chicken and beef Bloomers blend. Starts barking of excitement. I’ve never seen anything like it…

While I began reading the ingredients in this product, it dawned on me- the My Perfect Pet recipe is clearly from the Bible- everything contained in this brand is good-for-you stuff. Packed with protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins it’s hard to imagine a dog food that looks so delicious could actually be incredibly healthy too. Jack loves it and I love knowing exactly what is going into his meals and eventually into his body. Anyone who knows me knows I am not by any means a self proclaimed health nut. However, when it comes to my dog Jack, I would like to think that I won’t be looking back in regret about the food I fed him over the years as he enters adulthood. The reality is, what you feed your dog truthfully does have a dramatic impact on your dogs health and life longevity. Many dogs wind up on their death bed earlier than expected because of pet food ignorance, leaving a parent often living with regret. I would like to take this time to encourage you to think about what you’re feeing your dog? I have decided to swap out Jacks commercial food for My Perfect Pet, and think you should consider trying out this product for yourselves too. Clearly this brand is invested in the best interest of dogs while also compromising the consumers wallet. I definitely foresee My Perfect Pet making a lot of new friends in the pet community. If you are a new pet parent or attempting to reverse any harm commercial food has passively done to your pet, my advice would be jump on the My Perfect Pet program. It’s sure to fuel your dogs body with essential nutrients while improving health and encouraging a well balanced life.


Not only is My Perfect Pet food incredibly honest about their food, they also are that about their new facility in Poway, Ca. On Friday, we visited the My Perfect Pet warehouse and it was pretty darn cool. Roughly 20,000 square feet ( taking a guess on that ) the front lobby was super fancy so I knew we were in for a treat. The place was filled with all kinds of informative facts about what ingredients go into their product, how it’s made and where it comes from.


The production floor literally looks like that of a movie set. It’s huge and built inside the warehouse. It is SO clean you would never think they make dog food there- place was spotless!


To make things even more exciting during our visit , we had the awesome surprise of meeting Karen Scoggins the Founder and CEO of My Perfect Pet! She shared with us the food making process and how they never defrost their food which is essential in harnessing the intended nutrients in a meat based product. Judging by the above picture you can probably tell Jack was smitten with her, as was I.. Karen is incredibly humble and an absolute pleasure to be around. Her hospitality made us feel right at home. I think I speak for Jack when I say we are already looking forward to seeing her again.


Lastly, I also learned My Perfect Pet makes it a goal to attend adoption events, as well host charity social functions of their own to raise money for local shelters in need. They often donate generous size food sample bags for adoptable pets in need with hopes of getting them on the track to healthy and balanced lives. We appreciate you My Perfect Pet for everything you do. You guys are wonderful. Thank you!



  1. I am an individual rescuer, who had the pleasure to rescue an old and sick Cane Corso mix dog that was used as a breeding machine and when her health declined, she was dumped at the dog park in Encino Ca almost 4 years a go. I am on disability with a limited income, but I tried many expensive kibbles and other type of food for this poor girl (Isabella) without any success. She was loosing weight, not able to keep her food down, and blood in her urine. I decided to try my perfect food as a last resort to help keep Isabella alive and happy, the results were unbelievable, She has put on weight, keeping her food down and became more active at her old age. I need help, because I can’t afford to keep buying it and I am asking, no begging for a discount to continue feeding her the best food that saved her life. She is 65 lbs. girl with a healthy appetite and enjoys eating Turkey potato free grain free blend. Please Please help me keep her around to make up for what she went through in her entire life.

    Thank you for saving a precious life.

    Lilly and Isabella Sardari

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