Tish and the Doggie Beach Bus

ALL ABOARD the DOGGIE BEACH BUS! WOOF! … I recently came across big red Volkswagen bus filled with canines sitting comfortably en route for a good time at the beach. Tish Tralka is the owner and creator of Doggie Beach Bus, a mobile canine dog-sitting service which invites your dog for an at-home pickup and drop-off visit to and from the amazing dog beaches of San Diego! Tish always exceeds making sure your dog gets to experience the beach in all forms from walking the sands to swimming and frolicking in the waves! You will often see her walking the beaches of Del Mar Dog Beach and Fiesta Island with a herd of 4-7 well socialized, friendly, and above all, happy dogs. Raised on a farm in the Napa Valley breeding Labradors, she has been a “dog person” since her first puppy “Buck”.

A little background on Tralka: She volunteered at the family veterinarian clinic before she could legally work. With intentions of becoming a vet herself, she completed a B.S. in Zoology and Marine Biology at Humboldt State University in 2002.

In 2006 she graduated from the Northwest School of Animal Massage. She has completed 50 hours of study in kinesiology and physiology, 26 hours in behavior and handling, and 25 hours in hands-on massage technique. Most recently she relocated from Hawaii to Cardiff by the Sea. In Hawaii she continued her experience in animal behavior by working as a vet assistant and at a animal boarding/training facility. She is also certified in Animal Emergency 1st Aid.

Tish loves to see the happiness she brings to all her dogs. Everyday she is so thankful to provide a service where joy is brought to her just as much as her clients. Her services are the perfect peace of mind for the many parents who feel that puppy face guilt after leaving FIDO home on a beautiful San Diego sunny day- alllll day.

Doggie Beach Bus picks up at your home. The dogs spend an hour (or however long you desire) at the beach, then drop off a relaxed and happy dog.

Pick-Up between 10-12
Drop-off between 1-3

$30 a trip * Multiple Trip and Dog Discounts

Daily trips to dog beach for dogs that are well socialized,
under voice control, and non-aggressive.
We pick your dog up at your residence, head to dog beach
(2-3 hour round trip), then drop your tired pup back off with a rinse.
Great exercise, socialization, and fun!

They also offer…
-Pet sitting
– Dog Surfing Lessons
– Animal Massage

Call today to set up a Meet-N-Greet with Tish so she can do a brief screening on Fido for the beach bus. 760-452-2002 . For more on her fantastic service visit her site DoggieBeachBus.com


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