Boneo Canine Supplements: Sore bones and answered prayers!

Whew! Today was a long one. I had a lot of errands to take care of and no naps were taken. Lunch was skipped so I indulged in dinner with maple glazed salmon and buttered green beans from the Whole Foods downstairs. I omitted mashed potatoes, which I’m very proud of considering I was really hungry. And since I’m sure you don’t care to hear the details of my day, I’m going to share with you a awesome product for Fido that arrived in the mail today!


This product is called Boneo. It’s natural bone and joint supplement for dogs and I’m so excited about getting Jack on it. In previous posts I have shared about Jacks recovery from the TPLO bilateral knee surgeries he underwent back in 2012. For those of you who don’t know, Jack was born with a bone deficiency which caused the ligament pigments in his knees to break down at an early age. At eight months Jack was victim to a life of discomfort and pain that could only be fixed with the demand of bilateral knee replacements in both knees. Leaving me no choice. The knee surgeries were done, at the same time. Crazy, right? Today he’s a bionic dog. Very shockingly, he runs faster and swims harder than he did pre surgeries. You can read more on how we over came the experience by clicking here on Jack 6 months post TPLO surgeries and Jack one year post TPLO.  

Since then, I’ve made it a goal to regulalry get vitamin D and calcium into Jacks diet. I’ve also been looking at supplements to specifically target Jacks bone deficiency as he enters adult hood and my prayers were recently answered when I was introduced to Boneo. It contains lots of all natural and lactose-free good-for-you stuff designed to promote healthy bones and life longegivity for Fido.


To make things easier on me, Jack actually enjoys the taste of this product. Hooray!  Normally he makes taking an oral tablet quite the production. I actually have to trick him and prepare vitamins mixed into his meal. It’s much easier given the fact he finds the Boneo chewable tablet delightful.

I especially encourage parents to bigger, taller dogs with lengthy skeletal frames ( like Jack ) such as Bernese Mountain Dogs, Shepard’s, and Great Danes to get some of these Boneo supplements for Fido. Taller breeds tend to be more prone to major bone diseases earlier in their adulthoods, and this product is the perfect solution to counter that problem.

Dogs love playing, romping and running… But while its all fun and games at the park, that strenuous activity can have long term affects on Fido causing joint ache and muscle exhaustion. It’s rare that dog food can solely provide Fido the adequet serving of essential vitamins and minerals needed for canine osteoporosis prevention. Boneo is the perfect product to make up for that imbalance of nutritional components. Check out Boneo’s very visually pleasing website which provides all the significant information about their product and further details the importance of bone health management and how it reflects the quality of life for our dogs. To make things even more paw-some Boneo is offering Barking Beast readers 10% off their entire order by using the coupon code JACK10.  Thanks BONEO!

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