Training with Safe and Effective Products


Learn how to train your dog with safe and effective training equipment designed for all different breeds and tailored to many kinds of training styles. If you teach your dog to accept wearing a muzzle, or “pinch” collar the results can be incredibly effective. It is a very humane tool for managing your dog’s behavior. The following websites are maintained by a pet product company called Shultzhund Trainers who have established themselves in the pet industry for putting the safety and health of your pet as a top priority in the production of their equipment. Good luck with your pup! Durable leather dog muzzles for active dogs – A wide range of genuine quality leather walking and leather agitation muzzles are available through their  website. breathable dog muzzles online store – Wire dog muzzles webstore offers a lot of equipment, like wire basket muzzles of various design to train and walk your dog with comfort. Specialized dog harnesses online webstore for different breeds – Full diversity of high quality strong dog harnesses for different purposes: training, agitation, walking, pulling, etc. Wide range of materials used. Posh and extravagant handcrafted dog harnesses store – Great choice of dog harnesses of all models, sizes and colors. Get the perfect harness for your beloved dog. Specialized high quality bite sleeves store – Wide range of reliable practicable bite sleeves for future champions. Schutzhund bite sleeves online store – Wide choice of hidden, intermediate, puppy bite sleeves, etc. and a variety of other heavy duty equipment for canine and Schutzhund training. equipment for Schutzhund for dogs – Heavy duty muzzles, collars, harnesses and leashes, as well as durable bite suits, bite sleeves and other tools for Schutzhund training. Strong durable leather and wire basket dog muzzles – Great variety of dog muzzles for small, medium, large and extra large dog breeds. Metal training dog collars of various sizes and models – Best quality hand made metal equipment for training, including metal training dog collars. Probably the best choice of original Herm Sprenger dog collars – Exclusive design and superior quality dog training equipment for your dog. fitting muzzles for your dog – Quality durable dog muzzles for medium, large and extra large dog breeds. new exclusive dog collars webstore for all breeds – Leather and nylon, everyday and training collars are presented here for all breeds. Check only unique handcrafted designs. Quality Mastiff breed dog supplies – Get luxurious harnesses, muzzles for large Mastiff breeds, gorgeous collars and strong leashes for Mastiffs. Extra durable and reliable equipment for GSD – Best fitting harnesses, muzzles, strong collars, leashes for your German Shepherd. Best Fit Cane Corso Outerwear – Excellent quality harnesses, collars, muzzles, leads and a lot of other Cane Corso training equipment. Specialized dog training equipment online store for Bullmastiff dog breed -High quality available Bullmastiff dog breed training products for professionals and ordinary handlers: muzzles, collars, harnesses, bite suits, toys, etc. Professional Training Equipment for the English Bulldog  -Find here genuine leather durable harnesses, leashes, muzzles and collars for your dog. Design, comfort and stylish look for your Bulldog. Specially created dog training equipment for Rottweiler Breed – Best fitting collars, harnesses and muzzles for your Rottweiler, as well as dog toys and different training equipment. Originally designed Great Dane professional accessories -handcrafted with style dog collars, harnesses, muzzles, leashes, and other dog stuff for Great Dane breed. Professional training Doberman dog breed gears -Durable and long lasting equipment for your Doberman. Strong German Shepherd training equipment  for everyday -Big choice of high value German Shepherd muzzles, harnesses, collars, leashes, many kinds of bite tugs and toys.

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