Halloween Beasts Ready for the Holiday

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Everybody loves dressed up pets, or so it seems. There is something irresistible about a dog donning an outrageous pet Halloween costume, and this year you are sure to see more of them than ever before. According to USA Today, spending on these dog costumes is expected to jump about 20% from last year, and is expected to hit a record $370 million by the time the spooky season comes to a close.

To be sure, these numbers are astronomical. Is there really that much money in the business of dressing up dogs? The answer, as the numbers astonishingly indicate, is yes. Even during an economic recession and a time when people are forced to make certain sacrifices, people are still willing to splurge on their furry friends and spoil them. The fairly steep increase in Halloween spending for our animals beckons the question: why is spending on these outfits so high, and are we spending too much?

Critics will surely say that its ludicrous that millions of dollars are being spent on Halloween garb each year. After all, what practical use does a dog costume have outside of looking cute right on time for Halloween? They will say none, which is not really arguable. But in response to those critics quick to lampoon pet lovers as “nutty”,  one should ask: who really cares? If a person wants to spend their money to spoil their dog with a costume, whose business is it to really criticize? Trainers could also argue that the dog gets social stimulation from the social interactions that come from the costume festivities.

Spending on Halloween-oriented garb on dogs continues to rise because dogs in costume are appreciated all across the country. To put it plainly, decking out a dog in an outfit is really darn cute. Even if you don’t dress up yourself, you can inject a little bit of your own personality into your cat or dog’s costume, something that any pet owner can relate to and appreciate.

With Halloween pet parades in high demand, the holiday festivities demonstrate the pet-loving public’s flare for the dramatic and love for pets in costumes.

Some may laugh at the exorbitant spending on dog costumes in general, and the thought of dressing up a pet. But why? Where is the harm in it so long as people keep safety and the comfort of a pet in mind when they dress them up? As long as a costume is not forced on an animal to the point of discomfort or excruciating stress, and in turn is not harming the animal physically or mentally in any way, we see nothing wrong with it.

What are your thoughts on the rising spending on Halloween pet costumes? Are you for or against dogs dressing up?

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