Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort Makes Union Tribune’s 2013 Best of San Diego



Ahh San Diego,  the city that ranks highest as home to the country’s most couture Fido-friendly businesses. From dinning to fashion,to parks and recreational activity, it is no wonder “Pet City, USA” is such a fantastic city in which to live!

Most recently, Barking Beast came across a beautiful new pet resort focused strictly on the happiness and health of our pets, Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort and Veterinary Center.  Play-cation for the pet appears to be their top priority! Holding their own in pet care and hospitality, we consider them the creme de la creme in pet boarding and daycare. Think “Four Seasons resort” meets “Disney theme park for pets”!

Located in San Diego, California, Dr. Boyd’s won the ‘Best of San Diego’ in the Union Tribune’s San Diego Best Poll, 2013 for “Pet Boarding, Grooming, and Daycare”. When Dr. Boyd opened the pet resort, he wanted to create something in San Diego that had not been done before. At the resort you can find:

-Indoor and outdoor space for your pet

-Grooming area: Spa and Wash

-Traditional veterinary clinic

-Daycare facility

-24-hour operation

-Training classes for pet owners to participate in

To top it off, Dr. Boyd runs a non-profit organization called Dr. Boyd’s Foundation for Pets, alongside the pet resort! Proceeds from the organization help a number of efforts, including adopting pets from Mexico.

We at Barking Beast know you do not and you WILL NOT leave your loved one with just any day care or boarding facility. You want the peace of mind to know your baby is getting the same care- if not better than- at home to make up for the sadness that might be caused to Fido or Kitty due to your absence. At Dr. Boyd’s you can believe your pet will be well taken care of for every minute of their stay because the facility is run by a team of avid animals lovers who care for each pet as if it were their own.

” At Dr. Boyd’s, we believe that pets are precious and your time is valuable. Our expertly trained and trusted staff takes pride in anticipating your pet’s every need while providing them with nurturing care in a fun, safe and social setting. We love what we do and strive to make each experience with us a pleasant one for both you and your pet. ”  – Dr. Boyds Resort

With the holidays coming up, Dr. Boyd’s is the perfect place for some last minute training before all the family members come over. If you are looking for a “home away from home” for your pet while you are traveling, Boyd’s is the perfect family with whom your pet will be happy to stay. Wether it is daycare, boarding or veterinary care, the staff will make all efforts to ensure sure your little one is content, happy and healthy. ? Your pet won’t even notice you are gone! 🙂


So if you are looking for boarding, veterinary, spa, grooming, or daycare for your pet, we highly encourage you to visit Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort and Veterinary Center! This pet resort is the perfect answer to fulfill all your Fido-friendly lifestyle expectations and it can all be taken care of under one roof! Woof!!!

For more information on this lovely new resort visit their easy-to-browse website, Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort. Be sure to LIKE Dr. Boyd’s Pet Resort & Veterinary Center – San Diego on Facebook!

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