Happy Memorial Day! We Honor our Military Service Men, Women and Canines!


Experienced, knowledgable, patient and above all passionate, Graham Bloem is a powerhouse in the world of Dog Training. He is a first-hand example of the incredibly evolutionary changes between the intimate relationship between dog and human. With over 10 years working with canines, Bloem has created extrodianry non – profit program that rescues shelter dogs and trains them to be service companions for Military Veterans, what he calls Shelter to Soldier.

As a huge supporter of his dedication to dog rescue services, Barking Beast is proudly undergoing the making of a documentary about Bloem’s everyday life as a shelter dog trainer, inviting audiences into the emotional world of his work and the opportunity witness the extraordinary relationship he holds with these lovable animals, something worth being shared with all dog lovers around the world. The film is set to debut end of December 2014.

Shelter to Solider holds events annualy to help raise money to prolong it’s efforts in saving dogs in shelters and humans who with health disabilities. Dog lovers are highly encouraged to attend these events for the opportunity not only to save the lives of dogs in shelters and our retuning service members, but also to meet like minded people who share and are values in morals in regards to the quality of life for our four legged companions.


In honor of Memorial Day Barking Beast takes this time to honor Graham Bloems Shelter to Soldier: Paws 4 Troops and encourage dog lovers to make a donation to the  Shelter to Soldier Donation Fund. Bloem works effortlessy in helping rescue service dogs and trains them for returning military service veterans. 

Be sure to LIKE Bloems page on  Specialty Dog Training on Facebook, and join our  Shelter to Soldier: Paws 4 Troops Fundraiser on Facebook. See you there!

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