NYC: One of the nations pet friendliest city’s!


It was sunny and beautify my entire stay in NYC this week.  The humidity was incredibly low. I took full advantage of the weather. I was a total New Yorker that weekend and spent any free time I had away from my date doing touristy things like hanging in Time Square and my favorite- Central Park. (I think I ate nearly as many hot dogs as dogs I played with and saw in the city.) It was AH-MAZING… but in between it all I was thinking of my dog the WHOLE time.  It doesn’t help when their are dogs everywhere in this city. Seriously I see people walking their dogs on the streets, taking them in taxi’s, on the subway and don’t event get me stated on Central Park. I was beginning to think Jack and I were living in the wrong “Pet Friendly City”.

nyc post1nyc post 6

The park was in full bloom. The grass was green, trees were full, and a shady spot under a tree with your dog is the place to be!  What amazed me even more about how dog friendly the park, the city for that matter is, was I spotted a statute of a man with his dog titled, “Man and Dog”!  It was like Central Park was saying, “This is the mascot of our park!” I found it so beautiful.

nyc post 5nycpost

At the risk of stating the obvious, I’ll tell you that walking through Central Park, seeing all the dogs playing really made me miss Jack. But you already assumed that right? I miss him every day when I’m away. Unfortunately, he has not yet been able to join me on my New York trips – this is something that is thoroughly being looked into and anticipated to change. Did you know now more than ever, due to a 60 billion dollar industry(estimated 2014 revenue), the pet community’s biggest investors are looking into creating easier traveling accommodations for pet owners of large breed dogs? Yes!! Get ready for the Fido Friendly Airline!!! Hooray!  Actually one exists, but it is for dogs only.

In the meantime, while I ( and Jack ) wait on the edge for our Fido Friendly arrangements to become available, I’ve got a sitter system that seems to be working out quite nicely to let Jack know I would not forget about him. Each day I’m away Jack stays with my parents. They are very good about feeding, walking, and playing with him. However, sometimes Jack needs that off-the-leash canine interaction. That is when I bring in the big guns – Kamp Kanine Dog Daycare and The Doggy Beach Bus.

During the weekdays my parents drop Jack off at Kamp Kanine where Jack plays all day with his furry four legged counterparts. On the weekends, when Kamp is closed, I have the option to call my lovely friend Trish Tralka owner of North County’s popular Doggy Beach Bus! She makes pick up and drop off visit for dogs who need a hour or two out to off leash parks and beaches with the company of fellow canines. Together between the dog sitter, the dog daycare, and the dog bus, Jack manages to get through my time away from home without a single whine… and that gives me huge relief.

So, to summarize, when you leave Fido behind for a get away it is important to have a system. Buy long lasting new dog toys that will distract them. Find a good sitter, and or daycare. PLEASE avoid dog boarding facilities that solely lock up your dog in solitary confinement. This will avoid your pup having major trust issues with you in the future. I also suggest investing in a good sitter and or daycare that invites your dog for sessions that include other dogs. … AND if you are ever in Manhattan, hit up Grays Papayas for the best New York City hotdog you will ever enjoy. I promise. Got it?

What type of accommodations do you make for your dog when you leave town for a few days? I would love to hear about them .

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