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It wasn’t too long ago I complained on the blog about having trouble finding veterinary care for my dog Jack when my regular veterinary office was booked for the day. Jack had what looked like a golf ball size tumor that appeared over night beneath his neck.. You can imagine how distressed I was trying to find the quickest veterinary care and figure out was was going on with hid throat.

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Now normally Im not one to post about new pet friendly buisnseses that aren’t regionally associated to San Diego.

However when I heard about, helping pet parents find and schedule wellness and or vaccination exams with reputable veterinarians in less than two minutes, I was optimistic the San Francisco based product would eventually expand southwest and soon enough into San Diego, so may as well stay in the cusp of whats hot in pet products.

New York-based ZocDoc for example, an online booking service for doctors’ visits, recently expanded nationally and now schedules over 5 million medical appointments per month – what if we could have that type of veterinary scheduling convenience for our pets, especially in the case of an emergency.

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On August 4th, 2013 in San Francisco, as cases for chronic illnesses and breed-specific diseases are on the rise, launched to make scheduling veterinary visits easy. The online service, founded by four previous pet parents, helps people find and book wellness exams with reputable veterinarians in the San Francisco Bay Area. The website helps pet parents find and schedule wellness and vaccination exams with reputable veterinarians in less than two minutes.
With, pet parents can find over 30 qualified Bay Area veterinarians according to location, exam pricing, and verified reviews from their clients. Veterinarians’ schedules for wellness exams and vaccinations are displayed in real-time, allowing clients to book same day appointments in less than two minutes. The team hopes to encourage pet parents to visit veterinarians more often by making the online booking process transparent and simple–skipping the hassle of phone calls and no longer guessing with the front desk when veterinarians can see their pets.

As the number of veterinarians featured on grows, the site now counts at least 16 veterinarians who are American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) certified, a strict veterinary accreditation of which only the top 15% of small animal practices in the U.S. qualify for.

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Increasingly people are moving toward scheduling their lifestyle activities with online appointments- something that would have been ever so convientent for Jack and I when his neck swelled up. was founded in January 2014 by William Do, Sasha Hudzilin, Alex Poms and Raymond Ye. “Every single person here has grown up with and lost pets due to either illness or age.” said the team. “If there’s one thing we’ve come to realize, it’s that dogs and cats always show unconditional love. Why not do the same for them? If our site helps even just one pet parent visit a veterinarian for her pet, then we’re probably doing something right.”

Talk about a game changer. A fast way to book veterinary appointments without the hassel, so you an enjoy life with Fido and what truly matters. So, if you live and or know any pet parents who live in the San Francisco Bay area I encourage you scheduel your next vet appointment thru Nibbol. You may think “Ehh I have a system that seems to be working out fine” wait until you try, Nibbol .You’ll book thru them every.single.time. Woof!

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